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Into the Wilderness

Into the Wilderness Weaving a tapestry of fact and fiction Sara Donati s epic novel sweeps us into another time and placed into the heart of a forbidden affair between an unconventional Englishwoman and an American fron

  • Title: Into the Wilderness
  • Author: Sara Donati
  • ISBN: 9780553578522
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Paperback
  • Weaving a tapestry of fact and fiction, Sara Donati s epic novel sweeps us into another time and placed into the heart of a forbidden affair between an unconventional Englishwoman and an American frontiersman.It is December of 1792 Elizabeth Middleton leaves her comfortable English estate to join her family in a remote New York mountain village It is a place unlikeWeaving a tapestry of fact and fiction, Sara Donati s epic novel sweeps us into another time and placed into the heart of a forbidden affair between an unconventional Englishwoman and an American frontiersman.It is December of 1792 Elizabeth Middleton leaves her comfortable English estate to join her family in a remote New York mountain village It is a place unlike any she has ever experienced And she meets a man unlike any she has ever encountered a white man dressed like a Native American, Nathanial Booner, known to the Mohawk people as Between Two Lives Determined to provide schooling for all the children of the village, she soons finds herself locked in conflict with the local slave owners as well as her own family Interweaving the fate of the Mohawk Nation with the destiny of two lovers, Sara Donati s compelling novel creates a complex, profound, passionate portrait of an emerging America.

    Into the Wilderness A Novel Donati, Sara Into the Wilderness is one of those rare stories that let you breathe the air of another time, and leave your footprints on the snow of a wild, strange place I can think of no better adventure than to explore the wilderness in the company of such engaging and independent lovers as Elizabeth and her Nathaniel Diana Gabaldon Into the Wilderness Wilderness, by Sara Donati Aug , Weaving a tapestry of fact and fiction, Sara Donati s epic novel sweeps us into another time and placeand into the heart of a forbidden affair between an unconventional Englishwoman and an American frontiersman It is December of . Into the Wilderness Wilderness Series by Sara Donati Sep , Into the Wilderness takes us to late eighteenth century America, where Elizabeth Middleton arrives from England to fulfill her dream of creating a schoolhouse, serving all the children of a remote New York mountain village, regardless of sex or skin color But her father has other plans for her. Into the Wild Sep , After graduating from Emory University, Christopher McCandless abandoned his possessions, gave his entire savings account to charity, and hitchhiked to Alaska to live in the wilderness Along the way, Christopher encounters a series of characters who shape his life Written by Lisa Kelley Plot Summary Plot Synopsis Into the Wilderness A Novel Kindle edition by Donati Into the Wilderness is an intelligent and beautifully written historical novel that draws the reader into another world Elizabeth and Nathaniel are well rounded and intelligent characters, and the secondary characters are also strong, three dimensional, and often entertainingly quirky. Into the Wilderness An Artist s Journey by Stephen Lyman Into the Wilderness is than a splendid art book With it, you can j During years of study and exploration, Stephen Lyman discovered his calling to paint the wilderness with passionate commitment, and to communicate the joy found there in each image. Burning Hearts Into the Wilderness YouTube Apr , from the EP Into the Wilderness Shelflife Available on iTunes Video by Bu

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    1. Sara Donati says:
      Sara Donati is a pen name of Rosina Lippi Notice Sara does not age Rosina does R is also here on any and all reviews will show up under Rosina Lippi, so she s the one to follow Sara just sits here eating bonbons.BUT Sara has been busy She has a new novel coming out September 1, The Gilded Hour More about the novel here Or you can have a look at the weblog Rosina writes the posts, but Sara hangs around and offers her opinions, on occasion Both Sara and Rosina are on Facebook, but Rosina is the only one who twitters.

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    1. ALPHAreader says:
      OUTLANDER FANFICTION It s impossible not to compare Donati s series to Diana Gabaldon s epic Outlander Both series are historical romance, on a grand serial scale, and the marketing of Donati s series is largely reliant on Diana Gabaldon Not only does a Gabaldon quote appear on the front cover of Into the Wilderness , but Donati thanks Gabaldon in her acknowledgements And the most obvious comparison is the fact that Donati s books are a sort of fanfiction crossover to Diana Gabaldon s famous ser [...]

    2. Beatriz says:
      Reto 24 PopSugar 2017 Un libro que suceda en la naturaleza salvajeAntes de comenzar mi rese a quiero contarles que el personaje principal de esta novela no es ni m s ni menos que el hijo de los protagonistas de El ltimo de los mohicanos no del libro, sino de la pel cula que protagonizara Daniel Day Lewis, ya que la historia de James Feni Cooper tiene un final algo diferente Comenc el libro sin saber ese dato, pero era inevitable que la ambientaci n y la caracterizaci n de los personajes no me re [...]

    3. Lisa (Harmonybites) says:
      The book had blurbs praising it from romance writers Diana Gabaldon and Amanda Quick and the trade magazine Romantic Times Not a good sign I d like it, if this was being marketed to those who frequent the romance aisle The prose was readable than most books I ve read marketed as romance, even if hardly stellar, but what killed this novel for me is how it takes the historical out of historical fiction This is set in the New York frontier in 1793, dealing with the twenty nine year old Elizabeth M [...]

    4. Bark says:
      I read this as an unabridged audiobook and it seemed like tape one consisted of author thank you s and an unending listing of family trees involved in her story and I assumed I d be in way over my head with this one I was right.Elizabeth is a 29 year old spinster who wants nothing than her independence and to teach young children With this in mind, she sets out into the wilderness that is Paradise to join her father and brother What she doesn t know is that her father who faces financial ruin h [...]

    5. Zairobe25 says:
      Maravillosa, me ha encantado, no tiene desperdicio, muy recomendable.

    6. Carolyn F. says:
      I enjoyed this book a lot I made the mistake of listening to someone say it was in the same vein as Outlander, which kind of ruined it for me at first But then when I just sat back and enjoyed the book for itself, I really enjoyed it a lot PS How many times can I use enjoyed in this review apparently 3.

    7. Jess says:
      I feel like I ve just been on a Walk a bout and returned a different person after one of the most compelling reads of 2017 for me INTO THE WILDERNESS by Sara Donati has been an absolute pleasure to read and and experience I won t forget I love getting recommendations from books friends They seem to always know what I need when I need it and the absolute joy, heartache, sorrow, love and hate emotions I ve just gone through while reading this exceptional book is enough to last me a life time I can [...]

    8. B the BookAddict says:
      No review, I m too busy getting stuck into book 2 of the series 4

    9. Belinda says:
      For any Diana Gabaldon fans, rejoice, my friends, rejoice I know you ve waited a long time for Claire and Jamie, with years between sequals You can bridge that horrible gap with my new find, Sara Donati.OK, I admit, I ve only read the first book But it had that headstrong female character, the dangerous but charming love interest, the chorus of earthy and interesting background characters All are positioned against a distant time in history where life was hard really hard, dammit, no hot water [...]

    10. Lucia says:
      With my new found love for historical fiction thanks to Outlander and with my love for Last of Mohicans movie, it was just question of time when I would read this book And I am glad that I chose it for my summer read I got somehow lighter read than I expected but I enjoyed it nonetheless and I definitely plan to read next instalment

    11. Camie says:
      A big about 700 pages historical fiction saga which combines the Mohawk Indian tribe from James Feni Cooper s Last of the Mohicans and late 18th century English settlers in the wilderness of New York Also takes on a decidedly Diana Gabaldon Outlander series flare with the addition of the romance between Elizabeth, the old maid schoolmarm and daughter of Judge Middleton the areas biggest landowner, and Nathaniel Bonner, the ruggedly handsome of course frontiersman who though white was raised by t [...]

    12. Jill says:
      I have read all of the books in this series I have also read all of the outlander series Now for me the outlander series began to fall flat especially in the last few books However every single book in this series has held my attention and earned my love and respect By the time you read all these books you will feel like you are reading your own family history, these characters, Elizabeth, nathaniel, Hannah, Lilly, Daniel, curiosity will move into your heart and will never leave I have read and [...]

    13. Hollis says:
      When I m dying, when I close my eyes at the last, it ll be your face I see, right at this moment I have a head, heart stomach for real, I can t be the only one who feels emotions in her gut full of feels right now Not to mention a phone full of screenshots And yet I do not know where to begin when it comes to writing this review Spoiler this is going to suck, just read the book I am so sorry to disappoint On the contrary I ain t the least bit disappointed INTO THE WILDERNESS consumed me for day [...]

    14. Ursula says:
      This won t be a long review but I do want to say how much I enjoyed this book I am not into Frontier romances and was reading this for my Romance Across the Ages Challenge, but I am very glad I did read it.The author does a fabulous job of recreating that time and place in America s history, and while the lack of education, the racism and the ruggedness of the characters often got to me, it somehow fitted in so well with the theme, I soon let it go I did find the character of Julian, the heroine [...]

    15. Kindling Micky says:
      4.5 stars audio reviewI file this mentally under epic reads for so many reasons The two lead characters, Elizabeth and Nathaniel are ones to measure up to The frontier setting was magical, rough and required hardiness The description was superb, even though this is not country I can identify with, I think I conjured a good version in my imagination, in people, clothing, wilderness, animals, smells and culture.We talk about strong heroines in books but Elizabeth Middleton is one of the most notab [...]

    16. Linda says:
      I have really enjoyed the first book in the series entitled Into the Wilderness The basic storyline has been well researched and there is great depth in the character development It is refreshing to have the main character depicted for her intelligence, her analytical skills, and her strong resourcefulness This is not your typical historical fiction with bodice ripping and muscular physiques on every page Elizabeth is even deemed a spinster, being a woman in her late twenties, not a robust 18 ye [...]

    17. Marquise says:
      I ve had this book for years, but was always reluctant both to crack it open and to give it away Until I decided to do both read it first and give it away after The result is, I m keeping the book till it rots.Ironic, isn t it Looking back, I can pinpoint my wariness as stemming from two things for one, that it was compared to, linked to, and said to be copied from Outlander and heartily recommended for and by fans of Gabaldon And the thing is, I disliked that book, so the surest way to get me t [...]

    18. Maggie Danniels says:
      Una gran novela, poco puedo aportar a las buena rese as que otras lectoras han escrito Gracias a Elsa por la recomendaci n Estas semanas de lectura han sido maravillosas, con una pareja protagonista que engancha como pocas Seguir leyendo la saga, quedan muchos temas pendientes.Leedlo Merece la pena De nada

    19. Linda C says:
      Sadly, this book didn t really capture my interest, especially since I had hear such good things about it It was closer to a bodice ripper than it is to Outlander.It was entertaining enough, and I may, at some point, pick up the next one in the series, but the central plot, i.e the romance between Nathaniel and Elizabeth, didn t grab me I just didn t get it While there were moments that Nathaniel was rather sexy the long dark hair, the silver earring , at the end of the day, he was a backwoodsma [...]

    20. Melodie says:
      Elizabeth Middleton has a mind of her own In the twilight of the 1700 s that is not a good thing English born, she has made her way to fledgling America to live with her widowed father and brother in upstate New York And it takes no time at all for her to be at odds with current convention and the local townsmen In matters of politic and romance, Elizabeth and her outspoken beliefs stand alone I have enjoyed this sweeping historical drama from the first page It has been quite a while since I hav [...]

    21. Cam *tactile seeker* says:
      I m so surprised that the majority of the reviews for Into the Wilderness are most concerned about explaining why it has nothing to do with the Outlander series or why, on the contrary, its author, Sara Donati, is Ms Gabaldon s perfect little disciple, just because she s friends with her and writes HR.Guys, get over Outlander Not even Ms Gabaldon wrote the same book twice, why would another person another author with her own writing style and brain, and voice and ideas, want to replicate that So [...]

    22. Shelli says:
      I enjoyed this as a summer read It definitely wasn t as deep as many other historical fictions novels I ve read It felt much like historical romance The funny thing is, the romance wasn t my favorite part of the book I actually liked the setting and the Native American characters the best I listened to a lot of this and think the narrator did a nice job especially with the Scottish and Native accents and words I didn t go into this with huge expectations, so just found it a light and interestin [...]

    23. Kimberly says:
      Into the Wilderness left me very underwhelmed It had all the elements of a story that I would typically like romance, nature wilderness, drama, etc But, the writing was just off Here is an example of a clunky passage two characters are making out He realized that she was trying to talk to him, and he came back to himself a little His name She was summoning him to her He drew it from her mouth, swallowed it whole Gave her back her own name, fed it to her with his tongue It brings imagery to mind [...]

    24. Maliha says:
      Something must be very wrong with me since I did not LOVE this novel despite all its 5 star reviews I am a huge fan of the Outlander series and pretty much anything Diana Gabaldon decides to write so I read Into the Wilderness because of her praise and her fans praise for this novel And I have to say that it was just OKAY it was not bad The author definitely put a good amount of research into the story but it failed complexity The characters were not as developed as they could have been and neit [...]

    25. Carol Brill says:
      This book intimidated me, first, it s 876 pages of small print, and in the opening there is a 3 page chart of characters too many pages and too many characters, not my favorite kind of read.It s strength for me is the strong, well written sense of time and place, this New York mountain village of the 1790 s is so well drawn it s like another character in the book.I enjoyed the primary characters Elizabeth Middleton who leaves England to join her father in this remote place She is a 29 year old s [...]

    26. Mary says:
      I m perplexed as to why this series, and this book in particular, are compared to Diana Gabaldon s Outlander I m a big Outlander fan, and while I feel her most recent books are somewhat self indulgent and episodic, I still like them They are well written and despite being long winded and sometimes far fetched, they are usually entertaining Not so with this book.The author had a genius idea to write the sequel to the The Last of the Mohicans movie, which is still one of my favorite movies It had [...]

    27. Brooke says:
      One of those rare stories that let you breathe the air of another time, and leave your footprints on the snow of a wild, strange place Diana Gabaldon Into the Wilderness , is an epic story set in the late 1700s, about a young English woman named Elizabeth who decides to travel to the vast wilderness of New York in search of adventure and change When arrived, she meets several colorful characters who bring this story to life one being Nathanial, a caucasian man dressed as a Native American And ye [...]

    28. Diane Lynn says:
      I loved this story set in the 1790 s, mostly in upper New York State I was immediately drawn into their lives, the characters and plot were very well done There is a large cast of characters but fortunately there is a list at the beginning of my book which I had to refer to from time to time I enjoyed the survival bits in the wilderness and some parts were also suspenseful My only one minor complaint is that one love scene had a little too much information for me That didn t affect my overall ra [...]

    29. Albagar90 says:
      me ha tenido enganchada desde el minuto uno, con una descripcion al detalle, bien narrado y con unos personajes bien descritos tanto los principales como secundarios, es la primera vez que leo algo de esta autora y apartir de aqui no sera el ultimo.

    30. Beth F. says:
      After hearing all the Outlander fans raving about this book, I knew I needed to pick it up because I count myself among their ranks The story was very engrossing and I raced through the first third of the book because I could not put it down The middle part of the book was also enjoyable, but I felt myself losing some interest towards the end Aaaand maybe losing interest is too harsh because that doesn t sound right to me, but it certainly lost that magic that happens when you can t put a partic [...]

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