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Trap for Cinderella

Trap for Cinderella A racy chilling noir mystery of mistaken identity deception and greed by the author of A Very Long Engagement A suspicious fire consumes a beach house at a southern French resort Two young women fr

  • Title: Trap for Cinderella
  • Author: Sébastien Japrisot Helen Weaver
  • ISBN: 9780452277793
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Paperback
  • A racy, chilling noir mystery of mistaken identity, deception, and greed by the author of A Very Long Engagement.A suspicious fire consumes a beach house at a southern French resort Two young women friends on the surface but deep down foes are trapped inside One is rich, the other poor One is killed and the other survives, burned beyond recognition and in a stateA racy, chilling noir mystery of mistaken identity, deception, and greed by the author of A Very Long Engagement.A suspicious fire consumes a beach house at a southern French resort Two young women friends on the surface but deep down foes are trapped inside One is rich, the other poor One is killed and the other survives, burned beyond recognition and in a state of total amnesia Plastic surgery gives her a new pretty face, but it can not restore her memory of her identity Who is she The heiress or her friend A killer or an intended victim Only one person knows the truth about the betrayal and hair raising terror which took place that night And she is not about to give it awayWinner of France s most prestigious crime fiction award, Trap for Cinderella is an engrossing tour de force by a master of mystery and deception.

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      171 Sébastien Japrisot Helen Weaver
    Trap for Cinderella

    About Author

    1. Sébastien Japrisot Helen Weaver says:
      S bastien Japrisot was a French author, screenwriter and film director, born in Marseille His pseudonym was an anagram of Jean Baptiste Rossi, his real name Japrisot has been nicknamed the Graham Greene of France.Famous in the Francophony, he was little known in the English speaking world, though a number of his novels have been translated into English and have been made into films.His first novel, Les mal partis was written at the age of 16 and published under his real name see also author profile of Jean Baptiste Rossi.

    Comment 732 on “Trap for Cinderella

    1. Nora|KnyguDama says:
      SEBASTIEN JAPRISOT PINKL S PELENEI Yra knyg kurios, jas skaitant, i provokuoja stiprias emocijas pykt , gailest , velnum ir t.t Yra tos lengvut s knygos, kurias skaitai, perskaitai, padedi on ir ilgainiui pamir ti Ir yra tos , kurios turi savo skaitymo aur Tos ypatingosios, kurios tiesiog sismelkia skaitytojo s mon ir nepaleid ia kol neu verstas paskutinis lapas Ir po kurio laiko tu apie jas vis dar galvoji Ir nesvarbu ar ta knyga patiko ar ne tu jos nepamir i Da niausiai tai b na tos keistosios [...]

    2. Vishy says:
      I discovered Sebastien Japrisot s Trap for Cinderella through the book One Hundred Great French Books by Lance Donaldson Evans When I read the two page essay by Donaldson Evans on Japrisot s book, I decided that I had to read it Japrisot s book was out of print and so after a while I searched for and got a used copy used copies of two editions were available, one was a 1979 edition and another was a 1997 edition I got the first one It gave me goosebumps to hold a book which was nearly thirty fiv [...]

    3. Baudelaire says:
      More and often I try myself in unexplored genres and mystery is one of those genres During all this time starting from primary school till now maybe five, six detectives have been read The truth is I don t even remember some, sometimes authors just fail to attract, but no one fails with creating the confusions, it is always there, simple, good or better Probably it happens because an author that writes detectives can put a hundred small things together, can create the craziest theories to trick [...]

    4. Printable Tire says:
      The Lady in the Car with Glasses and a Gun was decent enough and I ve had this book lying around long enough so I gave it a shot.Japrisot sure liked his amnesic, lesbian victim femme fatales In a lot of ways this is the same book as TLITCWGAAG, only with better and twists and turns Thankfully the first twist comes early enough it s spoiled in the back blurb for the book but look out in those last 50 or so pages, they pack some doozies It s all pretty unbelievable and ridiculous, and I don t thi [...]

    5. Shonna Froebel says:
      I love this author for his psychological suspense This was my latest purse book, and I finished it off Saturday morning Written in 1962, my copy is a Penguin from 1979 This novel takes place partly in a French resort beach house and partly in Paris.A fire occurred at the beach house and one girl is killed, while another is badly burned and in a state of amnesia The injured girl undergoes surgery, but must take others word for her identity Of the two girls who were childhood friends, one is a wea [...]

    6. fiafia says:
      Roman relu avec un grand plaisir une bonne trentaine d ann es apr s la premi re lecture Et j aime toujours ce genre de policiers ce n est pas exactement un policier, plut t un drame suspense quand l histoire est racont e avec une certaine d licatesse, un peu au ralenti, avec le calme trompeur des ann es soixante J aime aussi le c t mus e de la langue fran aise quand on retrouve les mots qu on n utilise plus un pull over, le bachot, je vais vous vider pour mettre la porte Deux Japrisot relus rela [...]

    7. Mary Plunkett says:
      Picked this up in a thrift store and found it to be quite a gem Great mystery, lots old twists Short read that really makes you think.right up to the last page

    8. Faouzia says:
      outstanding i really liked it very much i enjoyed douting every event till the last word of the book and being uncertainof every character till the end

    9. Emilija says:
      This book was a headache The story revolved around an extreme case of identity theft and the idea was good, but execution not so much What made me want to read this book were the first few lines in the description on the back this is my own translation from Lithuanian to English I am, Michelle Izola I m twenty years old I m going to tell you a story about a murder.I m the investigator I m the witness I m the victim I m the murderer Four in one, so who am I Now tell me that wouldn t interest you [...]

    10. Poups says:
      Ce roman de Japrisot m avait t conseill depuis des ann es et je n avais jamais pris le temps de le lire C est chose faite Je l ai lu tr s rapidement il fait peine plus de 200 pages mais savour comme un bonbon apr s une tasse de caf non pas que mon pr c dent ouvrage m ait laiss un go t amer, il tait juste plus dense L histoire est assez dingue Le lecteur reste plong dans le doute et ce, jusqu la fin voire m me apr s En ce qui concerne le pitch, Mi se retrouve l h pital, rescap e d un feu mais amn [...]

    11. Mary Ellen says:
      Just discovered Japrisot Found this book a bit difficult to follow because of the amnesia narrative, but felt compelled to re read Give it a try and you will understand why it won Le Grand Prix de la Litterature Policiere.

    12. TrixieRicablanca says:
      Trap for Cinderella by Sebastian Japrisot Book Review h2 style text align center strongTitle Trap for Cinderella strongbr strongAuthor Sebastian Japrisot strongbr strongRatings 5 5 strong h2div style text align center divdiv style text align justify divImpressively written I m not a fan of mystery story just yet until now that I have read this novel The story was jaw dropping The twists and the story itself was than interesting, beguiling, engrossing and thrilling in one divdiv divpThe plot ppA [...]

    13. Andy says:
      Sexy, erotic noir that references classic noir elements such as amnesia, a la Richard Neely s Shattered and plastic surgery, like David Goodis Dark Passage Trap For Cinderella is about a spoiled rich girl who shacks up with her introverted childhood friend, shutting everyone else out until a nightmarish house fire kills one of them and disfigures the other, necessitating intense plastic surgery Fights over the inheritance and blackmail schemes abound while we try to figure out which girl died in [...]

    14. Stacy says:
      You wake up in the hospital and can t remember anything Someone tells you what have happened and who you are You even can t remember what you looked like because now you have a different face because of fire where your face, hair and hands got burned That is how the story starts.Then the author takes the reader by hand and shows him many different ways how the girl could end in this situation meanwhile for the reader it is only the beginning Every of personages had its own plan and it is hard to [...]

    15. Katja says:
      A story about a girl suffering from amnesia, with her face and hands burned, wondering whether she is poor envious Do or rich spoiled Mi I read this book when I was 14 and was so much impressed with the plot that I did not get the solution Having reread it many years later, I still think that the story is unique and very cool The motives of certain characters are not totally clear or convincing, also no two people have the same teeth so the search for the true identity is a bit strained but who [...]

    16. Nadya Tsech says:
      A gripping mystery with twists and turns There is everything crime fans love mistaken identity, memory loss, murder, an unreliable narrator, and unexpected ending I recommend this book to every fan of a mystery genre must read I also recommend it to people who read We Were Liars and was disappointed, Trap for Cinderella has similar themes, but it s captivating There are several adaptations of this book.

    17. Chantale says:
      Awaking in a hospital with amnesia a young woman is told she is Micky Mi She was in a fire and the other girl in the fire, Domenica Do died As the book progresses it becomes unclear if Mi is Do or vice versa and if there was a murder plot What are Jeanne s motives Who is lying to Do Mi and what is her true identity There are lots of plot twists I d read Japrisot I really wanted a different ending

    18. J2e says:
      Shades of Diabolique in the plot twists, and of The Postman Always Rings Twice, in the way the scheme over insurance begins to unravel I had never heard of Japrisot until I picked this up by chance in a second hand bookshop Fortunately there were two others next to it I don t want to say much , but I m still pondering the last three pages If this book has a soundtrack, it s by Francoise Hardy

    19. Lil' Grogan says:
      Unfortunately, I read the blurb of a review at the back of the book which ruined it for me Think I would have enjoyed it without previous knowledge of anything Like One Deadly Summer , Japrisot seems to have a thing for lesbian relationships and unlikeable characters He does have a way of telling a story though Fun read.

    20. Tony says:
      TRAP FOR CINDERELLA 1962 Sebastien Japrisot 1 2.This is another fiendishly crafted novel from our anagrammatic author It all revolves around what might be true amnesia or an acted amnesia Japrisot has the reader hanging on until the last page in what has turned out to be a prize winning novel in France.

    21. Laeticia Barbier says:
      Un premier Japrisot pour moi et je ne suis pas d u Une intrigue tr s bien men e, du d but la fin,et ce malgr quelques toutes petites longueur.Le lecteur se perd dans l intrigueut comme l h ro ne de ce roman J ai vraiment aim cette fa on d introduire de plus en plus de myst res et de questions au fil des pages Quel suspense

    22. Angel Serrano says:
      Novela negra en la que se produce una confusi n entre v ctima y asesino Y todo esto lo descubrimos a la vez que el narrador, que en primera persona va recordando y descubriendo paso a paso la extensi n de la trampa que le han tendido.

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