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The Deathday Letter

The Deathday Letter The clock is ticking Ollie can t be bothered to care about anything but girls until he gets his Deathday Letter and learns he s going to die in twenty four hours Bummer Ollie does what he does best no

  • Title: The Deathday Letter
  • Author: Shaun David Hutchinson
  • ISBN: 9781416996088
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Paperback
  • The clock is ticking Ollie can t be bothered to care about anything but girls until he gets his Deathday Letter and learns he s going to die in twenty four hours Bummer Ollie does what he does best nothing Then his best friend convinces him to live a little, and go after Ronnie, the girl who recently trampled his about to expire heart Ollie turns to carloads of pudThe clock is ticking Ollie can t be bothered to care about anything but girls until he gets his Deathday Letter and learns he s going to die in twenty four hours Bummer Ollie does what he does best nothing Then his best friend convinces him to live a little, and go after Ronnie, the girl who recently trampled his about to expire heart Ollie turns to carloads of pudding and over the top declarations, but even playing the death card doesn t work All he wants is to set things right with the girl of his dreams It s now or never

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      399 Shaun David Hutchinson
    The Deathday Letter

    About Author

    1. Shaun David Hutchinson says:
      Shaun is a major geek and all about nerdy shenanigans He is the author of We Are the Ants, The Five Stages of Andrew Brawley, The Deathday Letter, fml, and the editor of the anthology Violent Ends Find out information at shaundavidhutchinson He currently lives in South Florida with his dog and watches way too much Doctor Who.

    Comment 142 on “The Deathday Letter

    1. Morgan F says:
      This book is about 15 yr old Ollie on the day he gets his Deathday Letter A Deathday Letter is basically a notice sent to you 24 hours before you are scheduled to die So that sucks Ollie, however, is your typical teenage boy All he thinks about are sex, girls, food, and sex So on his last day, what is there to do Well, Ollie, his best friend, and his longtime crush are going to find out I did not like Ollie nor did I find his humor funny As he constantly pointed out and exemplified, guys only th [...]

    2. Melanie Goodman says:
      I think it s entirely possible that I was meant to be a boy, because I find snarky, hormonal teenage male narrators to be absolutely hilarious It might be wrong for a book about death to be this funny, so it s a good thing Shaun David Hutchinson s The Deathday Letter is actually a book about life Ollie s last day of life When Ollie receives a Deathday letter telling him he has only 24 hours to live, he takes the news pretty stoically He plans to spend his last day doing normal things and biding [...]

    3. Suze Lavender says:
      Ollie receives a Deathday letter He s fifteen years old and his life is about to end Deathday letters arrive 24 hours before the actual death, so the recipient has the time to say goodbye For Ollie the letter means he has one day left to really live He is still young and hasn t done much of it yet, but he has one day left to live life to the fullest and he s going to use this time well Together with his best friend Shane and his ex girlfriend and best friend Ronnie he tries to do things that are [...]

    4. Cynthia (A Blog about Nothing) says:
      I really didn t know what to expect with The Deathday Letter except for what happens on the first page which I already knew about, but if I hadn t I would ve probably been quite shocked I shouldn t have been since the book is written by a guy after all, and it s about a 15 year old crazy hormonal boy so it should be expected that there will be lots of talk about sex and girls This story is about a boy named Ollie that wakes up one day to find a Deathday Letter which means that he has only one da [...]

    5. Alex Bennett says:
      I can honestly say I never expected this book to be as good as it was I feel so stupid for not thinking I would like it as much as I did because, believe me, it was incredible For a plot that seems so simple at first glance, The Deathday Letter is anything but simple It is such a great book that will stick with me for a while, for sure.Ollie was such a real character, as were the rest of the characters in this astonishing debut Hutchinson pretty much got the teen boy persona down perfectly, if I [...]

    6. Nadia says:
      This book is about a boy named Oliver Aaron Travers, who prefers being called just Ollie Ollie is a typical 15 year old boy who mostly thinks about is girls That is until one morning he receives a Deathday letter After someone receives a Deathday letter they only have 24 hours to live When Ollie gets his letter he wishes his family would stop being all mushy about it and let him have a pleasant Deathday On Ollie s Deathday he manages to jump off a bridge, steal clothes from Walmart, getting kick [...]

    7. Medeia Sharif says:
      This YA novel has a realistic setting, but the only fantastical thing about it is that people get something called a Deathday Letter a day before they die When Ollie sees that one has been delivered to his house, he assumes it s for someone older, say a grandparent But no, it s for him.This sends him on a trail of what ifs and adventures on his last day of existence With the help of his friends he awkwardly parties, doing things he s never done before, even illegal things Skipping school, taking [...]

    8. Freda Mans-Labianca says:
      Wow The last page had all the impact the book needed I m still reeling, sitting here trying to articulate my emotions Like, holy crap I m happy, in awe, on the verge of tears and completely stunned all at once This book took me there.I didn t expect anything less though from this author I mean, he did write my favorite book of last year, so I was hoping for another whopper He sure as heck didn t disappoint These kids in the story, Oliver, Shane and Veronica, were the kids you could ve hung out w [...]

    9. Paige says:
      Shaun Hutchinson definitely didn t disappoint This book was very light and kept me wanting to read Don t let the title decieve you, The Deathday Letter is a wonderful book filled with adventure and love the best kind.

    10. Emma Ruth says:
      In a world where everyone gets 24 hours notice before they die, instead of seizing the moment, Oliver Travers wants to pretend that everything is normal on the day he gets his Deathday Letter But armed with his two best friends, he ll turn this into a day that no one will ever forget After a few mistakes, stumbles and wrong turns he ll patch up his life before he has to leave it, because the day is not all about him, or so he s about to learn His friends are keeping secrets from him and Oliver i [...]

    11. Buchtoaster says:
      Shaun David Hutchinson ist ein junger Autor, der in seinem Buch ber einen Jungen Namens Oliver schreibt Aber eigentlich nennen in alle nur Olli Wie denn auch sei, Olli wird am Ende dieser Geschichte sterben Es gibt kein Happy End er wird abnippeln, so ist es halt im Leben von Olli Es geht in diesem broschierten Taschenbuch mit 286 Seiten aber nicht um seinen Tod sondern um seine letzten 1440 Minuten seines Lebens Und wer k nnte diese Geschichte besser erz hlen als Olli selbst.Am 16 Oktober, ein [...]

    12. Bev says:
      Okay, I m just going to start right off and say that Young Adult fiction isn t my usual cup of tea I read this one because I needed a book by a debut author for my Fall Into Reading Challenge and when I did a search for that sort of thing The Deathday Letter by Shaun David Hutchinson came up several times And my library actually had it And the premise sounded interesting But, just to be absolutely honest, if I d known before I brought it home that it was YA.I don t know that I d have ordered it [...]

    13. Once Upon a Twilight says:
      Here we have a very different novel that what I have read in the past you have no supernatural or fantasy in the book Its a book that you get pretty much modern day happening except for one detail The Deathday letter, in the world in this book people get this letter 24 hours before they die The book does not explain who or why these are sent and there is no story as to finding out why either The writing is easy to read and very funny at times You can read the difference when a Male author writes [...]

    14. AngelaM says:
      As the readers note on the very first page will tell you There will be no miracle, no deus ex machina, that will come in and save our lovable main character He will die at the end of the book, but the point is not his death, it s his life.That statement is very true for this book I fell so totally in love with Ollie that I kept wishing for that miracle, even though I knew it wasn t coming Ollie was a fantastic person to be able to get inside the head of He s funny and interesting, smart and just [...]

    15. Celestino says:
      I m finished I actually was pretty excited to read this After Hutch s fml surprised me so much, I thought this would be surprising as well The INTRO hooked me The first thing you need to know about Oliver Travers is that at the end of this story he s going to die There s no twist of fate that saves him, no deux ex machina, no deal with the devil that changes what s inevitably going to occur He s going to croak, and that s just how it is.But this story isn t about Oliver Travers s death, it s abo [...]

    16. Jessica Dillon says:
      I havent read anything like this before I really enjoyed it Its a 4.5 star rating from me Poor Ollie right from the very first page the author tells us he is going to die, nothing will change Its inevitable But still, I kept hoping they would find a loophole This has got to be one of the messed up halirious pretty awesome way to spend your last day on Earth This book centers around a world where everyone receives a deathday letter around 24 hours before they are going to die And asks the questio [...]

    17. Amy Y. says:
      The Deathday Letter is about a 15 year old boy named Ollie whos only interest are girls and sex But one day, he recieves a letter in the mail telling him that he only has 24 hours to live Ollie and his best friend undergoes all of these ludicrous adventures including smoking pot, facing his fears and best of all, setting things right for with his ex girlfriend Ollie tries to convince the love of his life to take him back after the break up Thats all he wants before he dies, one last love.This bo [...]

    18. Sherrie Petersen says:
      Where do I even begin Ollie has 24 hours to live, only he isn t sure how to spend his last day on earth He just knows he wants to be with his friends and family, as long as they don t get all mushy on him This book had me laughing from the beginning I mean, if you don t like penis jokes or 15 year old boys who masturbate, then this probably isn t the book for you because seriously, that s just the first page.Somehow, Shaun David Hutchinson has managed to create a poignant, coming of age story fo [...]

    19. Tracy Fleming-Swehla says:
      Live every day like it s your last In this story, people receive a letter 24 hours prior to their death, so they get to live their last day knowing this is their last day That alone made me want to read this book what a cool idea It was an interesting idea intertwined with a nice story spoiler now I was very bothered by the fact that Ollie s deathday letter led to his death, though What would ve happened had he NOT received the letter and NOT have been in the position to be hit by that particula [...]

    20. Braiden says:
      After having The Deathday Letter by Shaun David Hutchinson on my shelf since last year, I had finally gotten around to reading it I am happy that I did read it, because it had told me a lot about myself and the so many things I need, desire or want to do before I escape this world However, there were parts which kind of didn t interest me, as although some of what they did is what many boys girls desire to try out before they grow too old or die, they weren t necessarily activities that I want t [...]

    21. Rachel says:
      I love this book.As a girl, I found it freakily fascinating to read about the thoughts of a typical fifteen year old boy The narrator shamelessly lets readers into the gross, horny world of the boys I never understood in high school At times he even attempts to explain what it is that makes boys so icky and unbearable in their teen years This is the side of the book that made me laugh until my stomach hurt and wince and remember just what it was like to be in high school with guys that cracked s [...]

    22. Shane Ostrom says:
      Ollie Travers is a typical teenage boy that only thinks about sex, food, girls, and sex He receives the infamous deathday letter in the mail that says he will die in 24 hours so he decides to go out with a bang He goes on crazy adventures with his best friend but all he truly wants to do is make things right with the girl of his dreams I was thrilled with the humor thrown into the book and I was relatively disappointed at how tedious it got at times but it was pretty easy to overlook due to it s [...]

    23. Kylene says:
      Oliver lives in a world where you get a Deathday letter 24 hours before you re going to die It gives you time to say goodbye to everyone and possibly do things you wanted to do but haven t had the chance The problem is, Oliver is only 15 This story takes us on a journey through Oliver s last day From skipping school to trying to lose his virginity Its a sad plot line but written in a very enjoyable way I think Hutchinson did a great job of making me laugh out loud through most of the book and le [...]

    24. Terri says:
      so i decided to read this book because i really enjoyed deadline by chris crutcher and they share an idea of knowing you are going to die and trying to do everything to make your mark on the world before it happenswhen i first started reading deathday i wasn t sure i was going to enjoy ite nature of the humor in the book was unexpected and i wasn t really liking iten i took a step back and approached the book from a different angle mentally and i found that i really enjoyed ite things he learns [...]

    25. Stormy says:
      Everyone that gets a Deathday Letter dies exactly 24 hours later On the dot Whether its because they get the letter or whether the letter is to give you warning to say goodbye, nobody knows Nobody really even cares where they come from, except the CUDDLE You will read about them Oliver receives his one morning and sets out to have a day that will fulfill his deathday experience and give his friends a day to remember Excitement, weed, mistakes, arguments, laughs, and tears this story is one of a [...]

    26. Tracy says:
      There is something very real about Ollie in The Deathday Letter He walks off the page and it is as if he s sitting right next to you What happens in the book is typical coming of age stuff and the plot itself isn t anything new But in Hutchinson s hands it s brilliant I can t even fully explain how he does it but all I know is that I started the book this morning and I couldn t put it down until i finished it A must readazon review RQO3REK5 She or he says it all.

    27. Nicole says:
      What would you do if 24 hours ish before you died, you got a letter letting you know it was your last day on Earth How would you sieze the day That s pretty much what Oliver Ollie is trying to figure out when his letter comes, how will he spend his last day It s a pretty interesting concept and very well played out my the author Ollie is a very realistic portrayel of a 15 year old boy down to the MANY sexual references and euphemisms definitly solid YA book not intended for middle grades at all [...]

    28. BL834 says:
      The only reason I read this book is because it was recommended on Unshelved unshelved bookclub 201 Like the reviewer, I was intrigued by the what would you do if you had 24 hours left idea, but didn t really expect to be pulled into a 15 year old boy s head while considering the question I laughed a lot, even as I cried I cried through most of the second half of the book, to be honest Not necessarily because it was sad, but because it was exactly right.

    29. Jody Sparks says:
      I never had a brother, but I feel like Ollie could have been mine He s just saying what all us girls are hoping isn t actually true And even despite the crass, the single mindedness, and the laziness Ollie brings to the table, he s lovable This book is than hilarious, it has heart I love the way Ollie struggles to put it all together in 24 hours, forgives himself his flaws, and seizes the day.

    30. Emily says:
      The sad fact about this book It s me The humor, the family, the friends That is my life It s so perfectly a description of what goes on in my head And I m an adult female Wonder what that says about me, having the mind of a teenage boy Eh, who cares.I recommend this to someone who isn t looking for a happy ending in books, but a crazy hilarious journey to an inevitable end.

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