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The Burning

The Burning A great battle is on the horizon and drawing near In preparation Soren and his band must fly to the mysterious Northern Kingdoms to find allies and study the grim art of war Meanwhile St Aggie s has

  • Title: The Burning
  • Author: Kathryn Lasky Richard Cowdrey
  • ISBN: 9780439405621
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Paperback
  • A great battle is on the horizon and drawing near In preparation, Soren and his band must fly to the mysterious Northern Kingdoms to find allies and study the grim art of war Meanwhile, St Aggie s has fallen to the Pure Ones If they are not stopped, they will launch another, deadly attack against the great tree And without allies from the north, Ga Hoole will surA great battle is on the horizon and drawing near In preparation, Soren and his band must fly to the mysterious Northern Kingdoms to find allies and study the grim art of war Meanwhile, St Aggie s has fallen to the Pure Ones If they are not stopped, they will launch another, deadly attack against the great tree And without allies from the north, Ga Hoole will surely fall Soren s mission must succeed And the final battle must be won The coming conflagration will demand wisdom, bravery, and sacrifice from all the owls of the great tree, and from Soren and the band, nothing less the heroism.

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      461 Kathryn Lasky Richard Cowdrey
    The Burning

    About Author

    1. Kathryn Lasky Richard Cowdrey says:
      Kathryn Lasky is the American author of many critically acclaimed books, including several Dear America books, several Royal Diaries books, 1984 Newbery Honor winning Sugaring Time, The Night Journey, and the Guardians of Ga Hoole series She was born June 24, 1944, and grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana, and is married to Christopher Knight, with whom she lives in Massachusetts.Book 15, The War of the Ember, is currently the last book in the Ga Hoole series The Rise of a Legend is the 16th book but is a prequel to the series Lasky has also written Guide Book To The Great Tree and Lost Tales Of Ga Hoole which are companion books.

    Comment 790 on “The Burning

    1. Paul says:
      It was a wonderful book It was filled with action and suspense I think this is one of the best books I have ever read I was a very good book

    2. Mr. Graham says:
      The Burning is the sixth book of the Guardians of Ga Hoole series It was a good story with a plotline continuing from the previous books, and a great resolution when Soren s brother and archenemy is killed There are a few references to burning throughout the book, but not nearly as strong a theme threaded through as there was in The Shattering We are introduced to the Northern Kingdoms for the first time in the series We find that they speak different languages, have different weather, and pract [...]

    3. Amy says:
      JUSTICE BYE BYE, KLUDD DPardon my excessive exclamation points, but I really hated Kludd It s really hard to like a character who s been given a wonderful home to grow up in, only to attempt fratricide and teach that certain owls are OBVIOUSLY superior to others Kludd s mate, Nyra, is no better.Anyway, good job to Twilight He ended a great evil in this book I also loved how he bullied the vultures That was hilarious Onward, to glory And books D D D

    4. Liz says:
      Bringing closure to the Cain and Abel dance between Soren and Kludd, this book is what I like to think of as the final in the Guardians of Ga Hoole series Indeed, when I was younger, as the first six books were the only ones the library carried, I thought it was the final It mostly centres around Otulissa s plot to invade the St Aegolius Canyons, which have by now fallen to the Pure Ones, and, were there no books in the series, would do a credible job of wrapping it all up.For a Ga Hoole book, [...]

    5. Amara Tanith says:
      With The Burning comes the end of the series focus on Soren, the Band, and the Chaw of Chaws At least so far as I ve read at this time of writing, which is up to To Be a King The focus changes again after that, but from where we seem to be going, it looks like it s going to be Coryn s story from The Golden Tree to the end It s a massive disappointment, of course, as the Chaw of Chaws was the single best aspect of the story As a matter of fact, they re just about the only aspect that make any sen [...]

    6. Joshua Turner says:
      This book was one of the greatest of a series I have ever read It was definitely reading One thing I loved about the series is that it tells the plot through animals, owls one of my favorite animals To put them into a society like this is amazing A life lesson the book teaches is to never give up on things that seem beyond lost I have already completed the series, it has been the first series of books Iv e read If you were to read this series I do think you will love Shows lots of adventure, mys [...]

    7. Catherine ~Whatever you are, be a good one~ says:
      See review of book five for comments on style The character growth is starting to show, and I love it Gylfie and Soren are, in the first book, inexperienced owlets who can t even fly They don t even known each other But fate makes them meet sigh I ship it Now they re so powerful, but still close sigh again Also, Eglantine deserves I want to learn about her I ve been disappointed by the lack of information about Mark and Ruby already, so at least give Eglantine some time in the spotlight The p [...]

    8. Alyssa Lane says:
      I was going to rate this one higher, until we got to the big battle at the end It was just too cheesy.

    9. Ricky says:
      And I used to think this would be the end of the series

    10. Grace says:
      One thing I must say is that Kathryn s books are very predictable Yes, I understand that it is hardto write a book like this, still, I could what was going to happen and what wasn t Her first books were her best And some things don t make sense Lyze, Ezylryb , is mean and gruff unlike in the Shattering Unless FINALLY something happened that we don t know about, this is a mistake And it seems they almost TOTALLY forgot about the SNAKES First, I am surprised they care so much but then they say Oh, [...]

    11. Gylfie Whitneyi says:
      Great book I like how Soren had refused to help teach Skench, Ablah General of St Aggie s also known as St Aegolus Academy for Orphaned Owls I actualy have no idea on how to write the A name part of the place ,and her first lieutenant Spoorn how to fight with fire I mean, why would he want to agree to help teach the very same owls who had him snatched as an owlet how to fight with fire I wouldn t want to either I also like how the Chaw of Chaws went to the Northern Kingdoms to get allies to make [...]

    12. Sarah Elizabeth says:
      Once I started, I couldn t stop I believe my favorite tribute whether accidental or purposeful was how the Northern Kingdoms had a bit of Pullman and Golden Compass esque feeling to them, even down to the polar bears I could see how this might be considered a finale, or stopping point, but with Nyra alive its also clear how there HAS to be The story s not over, and I ll keep reading.

    13. Diana S says:
      Enjoyable books to listen to on my commute.

    14. Rusty says:
      This is a delightful series I love the characters beginning with Soren The story flows through each book as if the reader were living with the Guardians of Ga Hoole St Aggies falls to the rule of the Pure Ones who are feared by owls who are not associated with them The Guardians must rally whatever resources and support they can find as they find themselves once again at war with this ruthless group Indeed, it s a good read and I plan to continue the series

    15. Nighteye says:
      The last book on the first cycle of the story cycle.

    16. Charlie says:
      Imagine, you are a Barn Owl leading the most proficient team of recently promoted Guardians over a vast sea called Hoolemere into the dangerous and unpredictable land of the Northern Kingdoms This is the view of Soren, one of the many main characters in Kathryn Lasky s The Burning In the prologue, the Chaw of Chaws chaw can mean team or class, but in this case it means team receives their Guardian Ceremony, which gives them full recognition as Guardians of Ga hoole after they swear to do certain [...]

    17. Sarah says:
      I am impressed with the series with each book The owls who were so young and helpless when we first met them in Book 1 have become very experienced and good owls, and their adventures only get complicated and challenging I loved this one because finally our main characters seem to be grown, finally experiencing higher level issues that make this world wider and deeper It s a fantastic installment in the series

    18. Peter.b says:
      This book is about the world of owls, with two sides on opposite means The Guardians of Ga hoole are noble owls, who respect each different type of owl and learn great things at the Great Tree of Hoole While on the other end of the line, are the bad owls, usually the ones that call themselves the Pure Ones, are evil and vile in every way, with different beliefs than other owls The Pure Ones are group of owls who have tyto in their scientific name and are grouped together to rid the other kinds o [...]

    19. Dolly says:
      This is the sixth book in the Guardians of Ga Hoole series by Kathryn Lasky Our oldest decided to read this series after reading several of the books in the associated Wolves of the Beyond series This is a pretty long series, though, and I have to admit that she s lost interest in the story She started reading this book, but when she became engrossed in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan, she dropped this book cold I went ahead and read it out of curiosity, but I have to [...]

    20. Kahlan says:
      Me voici de retour aupr s du jeune Soren et de ses amis L incendie est le sixi me tome du cycle destin la jeunesse Les Gardiens de Ga Hoole, de Kathryn Lasky L histoire se passe dans un monde imaginaire essentiellement peupl de chouettes et de hiboux, et on suit les aventures de Soren, une chouette effraie m le en formation au Grand Arbre de Ga Hoole pour devenir Gardien, et d fendre le royaume Dans L incendie, lui et ses amis sont envoy s dans les Royaumes du Nord pour recruter des alli s en vu [...]

    21. Berke says:
      Not as strong as the first four books, The Burning, is still a good read The band heads out to the northern kingdom in search of support While there they are also trained to fight with specialized equipment ice scimitars and shards However everything does not turn out as expected They are unable to guarantee any assistance and are merely sent back home.In addition to this the band confronts kraals, Lasky s pirate owls They succeed in thwarting them but Glyfie is taken prisoner She tries to devis [...]

    22. Shanna L Vaughan says:
      Guardians of Ga Hoole 6 The Burning SPOILERS IN THIS REVIEW, BE WARNED First of all, this is an amazing book Character development is amazing, and there are some unexpected twists such as Gylfie being taken hostage and Twilight killing Kludd in the end However, for a final battle this book is considerably less bloody than it could have been but that is probably for the best UPDATE I checked and it is actually as bloody as hagsmire However, I think the victory of the Guardians was too complete Th [...]

    23. Rivkah says:
      This book series just keeps getting better and better as the series progresses I love the prologue of this book, guardians at last And Otulissa is getting less snotty, or giving out a bit less information of everything she knows.The Chaw of Chaws, along with Martin and ruby and I think some other owls must go out to different locations, splitting of at the ice narrows to get information and rally glauxian brothers and sisters.Does this have anything to do with the owl Hoole Because they thing th [...]

    24. Kaelyn says:
      This was yet another great book in this series Although this series is for kids, it has a lot of great messages and I think really important ones that kids need to know, presented in a fun, exciting way This book was just a continuation of that journey I loved the split perspectives of the many owls on their many missions I liked the idea that the other owls didn t have to be brave together, but could be brave and act noble on their own, especially Gylfie I liked that we got to see different sid [...]

    25. Ashley says:
      Guardians of Ga Hoole The Burning The Guardians of Ga Hoole Book 6 Summary A great battle is on the horizon and drawing near In preparation, Soren and his band must fly to the mysterious Northern Kingdoms to find allies and study the grim art of war Meanwhile, St Aggie s has fallen to the Pure Ones If they are not stopped, they will launch another, deadly attack against the Great Tree And without allies from the north, Ga Hoole will surely fall The coming conflagration will demand wisdom, brave [...]

    26. Karen Huang says:
      I would say this book was ok Not one of the best books the author has written but not everything can be perfect Soren and the band have to go to the Northern Regions to fetch comrades to fight the Pure Ones I personally think Nyra would be a better antagonist since in my opinion she is much smarter than Kludd The Pure Ones being a massive group of owls with the word tyto in their scientific name Tyto alba, tyto multipunctata, tyto almae, etc As the group wishes for a world with no owls other tha [...]

    27. WTF Are You Reading? says:
      I was so glad when the Parliment agreed with Otulissa that the Guardians should strike the Pure Ones first rather than wait for them to strike Especially after the fall and takeover of St Aggies by the before mentioned Pure Ones giving these evil owls control of the largest collection of flecks known to owlkind In order to thwart the plans of the Pure Ones the Chaw of Chaws is sent on a mission to the Northern Kingdoms This book is so much better than the others It seems that the books get bette [...]

    28. Andrew says:
      This book, sequel to The Shattering by Kathryn Lasky, is a definite page turner After witnissing what the powerful flecks can do to owls, and hereing news that the Pure Ones, a group ow owls who believe that Barn Owls are the best type of owl, have taken over Saint Aggies, where the largest known supply of flecks is stored, the Guardians know that the Pure Ones must be stopped But how Otulissa, one of the Guardians, has the solution invasion Invasion of Saint Aggies canyons But can they win Not [...]

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