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People of the Sea

People of the Sea A spellbinding tale of life and love death and adventure in North America eleven thousand years ago when mammoths roamed the continent Award winning archaeologists Michael and Kathleen Gear using

  • Title: People of the Sea
  • Author: W. Michael Gear Kathleen O'Neal Gear
  • ISBN: 9780812507454
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • A spellbinding tale of life and love, death and adventure, in North America eleven thousand years ago, when mammoths roamed the continent Award winning archaeologists Michael and Kathleen Gear, using the best archaeological information, have created a stunning vision of our pre history, and of the men and women who lived in this rapidly changing world The great glaciersA spellbinding tale of life and love, death and adventure, in North America eleven thousand years ago, when mammoths roamed the continent Award winning archaeologists Michael and Kathleen Gear, using the best archaeological information, have created a stunning vision of our pre history, and of the men and women who lived in this rapidly changing world The great glaciers that cover the Sierra Nevada mountains are melting, destroying the habitats of the great elephants, lions and short faced bears and giving birth to the rich land that will become California The few thousand people who have settled along the coast struggle to understand as the world around them changes Where have the mastodons gone And why are the mammoths disappearing The seer Sunchaser would ordinarily visit the Spirit World and return with answers but he has lost his way Meanwhile his rival, Catchstraw, has discovered witchcraft as a way to Power at the expense of his soul And what will it mean to the people when a beautiful fugitive arrives Kestrel, born in Arizona s marsh country, is running from her mad husband, desperately hoping for sanctuary on the coast But if the Spirits are taking the mammoths now, what will they do should the people shelter an evil woman Surely they should deliver her to her husband, who will kill her and who has his own link to the Spirit World through the pitiful, mummified corpse of his little son Must Sunch

    People of the Book A Novel People of the Book, like her Pulitzer Prize winning previous novel March, is a tour de force that delivers a reverberating lesson gleaned from history It s a brilliant, innately suspenseful structure, and one that allows Brooks to show off her remarkable aptitude for assimilating research and conveying a wide range of settings. People of the Book People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks People of the Book looks at the fascinating story of the Haggadah s travels through the years and creates a story from them All of the characters are fictional and some of the chapters are admittedly entirely fiction People of the Book is a stunningly beautiful book about another stunningly beautiful book. People of the Wolf by W Michael Gear Jul , People of the Wolf shares two stories about the halves of a whole twin brothers, one This is the very first entry in the series, but it s actually the fourth or fifth one I ve read You can skip around with these since they re all standalones, except for a few clearly designated trilogies. People of the Morning Star A People of May , Award winning archaeologists and New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors W Michael Gear and Kathleen O Neal Gear begin the stunning saga of the North American equivalent of ancient Rome in People of the Morning Star The city of Cahokia, at its height, covered than six square miles around what is now St Louis and included structures than ten stories high. People definition of people by The Free Dictionary Define people people synonyms, people pronunciation, people translation, English dictionary definition of people n pl people a Humans considered as a group or in indefinite numbers Often treated as a plural of person, alone and in compounds People were dancing Kathleen O Neal Gear W Michael Gear Complete Series People of the Songtrail Historical H Jun People of Cahokia People of the Morning Star Historical H May Sun Born Historical H Oct Moon Hunt Historical H Nov Star Path Historical H Jun FictionDB is committed to providing the best possible fiction reference Order of First North Americans Books OrderOfBooks The First North Americans series began in with People of the Wolf, which was quickly followed up by People of the Fire that very same year Below is a list of the Gear s First North Americans books in order of when they were originally published as well as in chronological order Preamble to the United States Constitution University of the People Tuition Free, Accredited Online University of the People UoPeople is the Education Revolution It is the first non profit, American accredited, tuition free online university dedicated to opening access to higher education globally.

    • People of the Sea Best Read || [W. Michael Gear Kathleen O'Neal Gear]
      298 W. Michael Gear Kathleen O'Neal Gear

    About Author

    1. W. Michael Gear Kathleen O'Neal Gear says:
      W Michael Gear was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on the twentieth of May, 1955 A fourth generation Colorado native, his family had been involved in hard rock mining, cattle ranching, and journalism After his father s death in 1959, Michael s mother received her Master s degree in journalism and began teaching In 1962 she married Joseph J Cook, who taught tool and die making, and the family lived in Lakewood, Colorado, until 1968 At that time they moved to Fort Collins so that Joe could pursue his Ph.D During those years the family lived in the foothills above Horsetooth Reservoir.It was there that Mike developed a love of history, anthropology, and motorcycles They would color his future and fill his imagination for the rest of his life During summers he volunteered labor on local ranches or at the farm east of Greeley and landed his first real job picking up trash at the lake and cleaning outhouses It has been said that his exposure to trash led him into archaeology We will not speculate about what cleaning the outhouses might have led him to On his first dig as a professional archaeologist in 1976 he discovered that two thousand year old human trash isn t nearly as obnoxious as the new stuff.Michael graduated from Fort Collins High School in 1972 and pursued both his Bachelor s 1976 and Master s 1979 degrees at Colorado State University Upon completion of his Master s his specialty was in physical anthropology he went to work for Western Wyoming College in Rock Springs as a field archaeologist.It was in the winter of 1978 that he wrote his first novel Irritated by historical inaccuracies in Western fiction, he swore he could do better He was taking retirement in installments, archaeology being a seasonal career, in the cabin his great uncle Aubrey had built One cold January night he read a Western novel about a trail drive in which steers castrated males had calves The historical inaccuracies of the story bothered him all night The next morning, still incensed, he chunked wood into the stove and hunkered over the typewriter There, on the mining claim, at nine thousand feet outside of Empire, Colorado he hammered out his first five hundred and fifty page novel Yes, that first manuscript still exists, but if there is justice in the universe, no one will ever see it It reads wretchedly but the historical facts are correct Beginning in 1981, Michael, along with two partners, put together his own archaeological consulting company Pronghorn Anthropological Associates began doing cultural resource management studies in 1982, and, although Michael sold his interest in 1984, to this day the company remains in business in Casper, Wyoming During the years, Michael has worked throughout the western United States doing archaeological surveys, testing, and mitigation for pipelines, oil wells, power lines, timber sales, and highway construction He learned the value of strong black coffee, developed a palate for chocolate donuts, and ferreted out every quality Mexican restaurant in eight states He spent nine months of the year traveling from project to project with his trowel and dig kit, a clapped out 72 Wonder Blazer, and his boon companion, Tedi, a noble tri color Sheltie.That fateful day in November, 1981, was delightfully clear, cold, and still in Laramie, Wyoming Archaeologists from all over the state had arrived at the University of Wyoming for the annual meetings of the Wyoming Association of Professional Archaeologists It was there, in the meeting room, way too early after a much too long night, that Mike first laid eyes on the most beautiful woman in the world Kathleen O Neal Gear The BLM State Archaeologist, Ray Leicht, introduced him to the pretty anthropologist and historian, and best of all, Ray invited Mike to lunch with Kathleen It was the perfect beginning for a long and wondrous relationshipcmillan author wmicha

    Comment 657 on “People of the Sea

    1. Carol Storm says:
      Help Help Mammoths walk into sea Husband chase with big rock Gotta love these PEOPLE books I mean, what s not to love about a 1000 page novel where noble Native Americans battle their way through ancient landscapes that we know so little about Problem is, the Gears spend so much time getting the archaeology just right, have to make sure you know ALL the best flint quarries, and EVERY wild flower in the medicine man s sack sometimes they forget about little things, like characters, plot, storylin [...]

    2. J.M. Northup says:
      Layered With Adventure and Heart I love how the Gears write an opener to each of the stories that is set in modern times I enjoy the way they link the past to the present I also appreciate how the issues of today are echoed in the truths of the ancients.This tale has domestic abuse, incest, and strife It shows the impact of environmental change on its society and how it literally altered the landscape of the world I was so sad with the loss of the Mammoths, especially as I see so many species in [...]

    3. John Devisser says:
      I m starting to see a pattern with these books

    4. Donna says:
      Although the descriptions of plants and animals and people was intriguing, in the end its basically a downer too much violence and hatred, the dying mammoths, the sickness of the people all contribute to this being depressing.

    5. Mieczyslaw Kasprzyk says:
      In essence this is the story of a young wife who escapes her homicidal husband after suffering domestic violence and turning to another man because of loneliness Her lover is killed and she flees, pursued Running parallel with this and gradually intermeshing is the tale of a spiritual leader struggling to understand the changes taking place in his world Now put this story back a few thousand years into just post glacial America and a whole new dimension opens up.My only problem with the Gears is [...]

    6. Jessica says:
      This is the third or fourth book that I ve read in this series, and the stories are beginning to feel a bit too formulaic I did not enjoy this one as much as the others Seemed to drag on too long Insertion of patriarchal gender roles and strict monogamy seems forced When Wolfdreamer speaks to Sunchaser about the civilization that will develop in that area far in the future, it smacks of impressing colonial and Western ideals of progress on an Indigenous culture Any of the text in Italics bored l [...]

    7. Noel says:
      I adore this series of novels Written like fiction but researched by writers who archaeologists and historians, the books really shine if you like early north american history They cover from the ice age to just prior to European explorers, so it s fascinating This is one of the best of the series.

    8. Fredrick Danysh says:
      Kestrel gets pregnant when her abusive husband is away on a trading trip When caught she runs away to another clan along the prehistoric Pacific coast She is hunted in revenge The author fails to tie in the present day leading chapter with the remaining prehistoric main section of the book.

    9. Sheryl Razore says:
      After reading this book I stopped reading the series I was hoping it would get better but it was the same story in a different setting Boring

    10. Carol Colfer says:
      This was a very enjoyable book, which takes place in paleolithic times Quite long, it delves deeply into the lives of several sets of people, all interlocking eventually It s kind of ethnographic in its approach, with a little magic in it than I m used to but still I enjoyed it very much It s about a girl initially married to a violent man whom she leaves with difficulty She has an exciting and dangerous trip in search of the homeland of her lover, accompanied by her newborn baby She meets inte [...]

    11. Kathy says:
      I like the series but there are so many of them, and since they follow a similar pattern I can only read one here and there Good though, and seem to be anthropologically sound I feel like I learn from them, and get a sense of place and time as the authors describe the ways and beliefs of the various First People This one is about Pacific coast peoples As a glacial period is ending, environmental stresses are dooming the mammoths and other pre historic animals.

    12. John Lietzke says:
      Review of People of the Sea by John LietzkeAbout this book To began win, the slow in the beginning but the adventure picks up as the reader progresses The ending is very interesting.

    13. Michael Laflamme says:
      A well paced addition to a great series Good action throughout and the reader is in suspense to the end Highly recommended

    14. Theresa says:
      People of the Sea North America s Forgotten Past, 5 Gear, W MichaelGear Kathleen O neal The People of the Sea are a great story of survival and surrender How the mammoth was destroyed and how man was saved Kestrel is a young woman abused by her Trader husband Lambkill After years of abuse and loneliness Kestrel falls in love with her Cousin Iceplant whom believes they are not cousins because he draws his birth line through his mother The relationship has brought Lambkill to the edge of insanity [...]

    15. Melissa says:
      These books keep going and going Part of a series, they don t really have to be read in order In fact, this one takes place in a period of history that was before when the fourth book took place You may miss a few details, but really, as obscure as some of this is, it isn t going to have an impact on your reading enjoyment.People of the Sea is about racing for your life Kestrel, having been accused by her husband of incest, is heavily pregnant and seeking to escape his wrath He s always beat her [...]

    16. Maggie Curry says:
      I always enjoy novels about Native American people and the way they lived This one was no exception Full of rich historical detail and interesting characters, this hefty read was a good one Favourite Quotes It took the combined strength of thousands of believers to effect any change, even a minor one, in the world When everyone else in the world had abandoned him for being a silly old fool, she would still be there probably giving him an evil look I ve believed in the good sides of people And do [...]

    17. Kitty Sutton says:
      The Gears are the best at what they do, which is writing about pre history based on archeology, creating a plausible fictional story to help us to understand the facts and thus preserve our own Native American history Kathleen and Michael have been my lamplight in becoming a Native American historical fiction writer They alone are responsible for peeking my interest in our dim past and have provided a window to that time and place of which they write If you desire to see the past of our unknown [...]

    18. Chuck says:
      This was my second reading of this great story The authors really fill out the main characters and allow them to breathe in our imagination It is a fictional tale of Native American people along the west coast, as the glaciers that once covered the Sierras are melting Both authors are historians, with degrees in Anthropology and Archaeology, and bring a trained eye to the setting and culture of the time First and foremost, they are great story tellers and draw you into their world Highly recomme [...]

    19. Ivan Benedict says:
      This is the fourth book in this series that I have read I missed reading the first one This has a much strongerstory line with developed characters It is also filled with native American fantasy I found it interesting, eventhough there was a lot of violence and blood But it wasfantasy, so easier to accept.This one takes place in the southern California area, so thedescription of the sea and hilly areas was quite different from the other books I ve read It was a good change in scenery.

    20. Renay says:
      set in north america in the times of the paleoindians, this story tells of the changing clmates and the effets that had on the native indans at the timewell written and exciting, the book gives a look at historical climate change as well as captures one in an interesting and spellbinding storythough not exactly written like a sequel in that it is it s very own story an occasional mention of the dreamer from the first book in the series gives a feeling of familiarity that is quite nice.a good sto [...]

    21. Neil Hanson says:
      I ve been reading this series in the order they were written, and while I continue to enjoy the storytelling very much, I also feel like reading them in their historical chronological order might be enjoyable, so am switching to that after this book I have to say that of all the books I ve read in this and related series by the Gears, this might be my favorite Really excellent characters and a great story.

    22. Julie says:
      Another wonderful story out of the distant past, this one set in what is now California about 15,000 10,000 years ago Mammoths, dire wolves, saber tooth tigers, lions, and other large animals are still around, but dying out as the glaciers melt, and again, the people are faced with trying to survive in the face of climate change Add in culture clash between matriarch cultures and patriarch cultures, and you get an intriguing story As usual with books by these two, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    23. Matt Kelland says:
      I have read most of this series and enjoyed them but this was slow going I found it hard to get into, and had to keep putting it aside for weeks or months at a time I think it s because it s all speculative rather than historical it reads like Jean M Auel than the rest of this series.

    24. Shirl says:
      I have read most all of these books in the First North American series and loved them all Very interesting Makes you think on how times were way back then Great reads all of them Read them as they came out in the 1980 s.

    25. Veneta says:
      I have read all of these books I can get my hands on I love the author s way of writing in that you learn while enjoying a good well paced and well written story I love this series and look foreward to finding a new one whenever they come out.

    26. Gloria Baker says:
      I am reading the whole series and loved this book

    27. Farhana Faruq says:
      Loved it Then again, every one I ve read from this series I love

    28. Susie Creamcheese says:
      I like that these books start out with an artifact found and the story is a weave around that artifact.

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