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Darkspell In this sequel to her first novel Daggerspell the author returns to the extraordinary world of Deverry and to the three enchanting characters whose poignant love transcends the boundaries of time a

  • Title: Darkspell
  • Author: Katharine Kerr
  • ISBN: 9780586200797
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this sequel to her first novel, Daggerspell , the author returns to the extraordinary world of Deverry and to the three enchanting characters whose poignant love transcends the boundaries of time and even death.

    Darkspell Deverry, by Katharine Kerr Darkspell is the second in a multiple book series, and, much like the book itself does, this review will presume some knowledge of the series first book, Daggerspell I ll do my best to skirt around spoilers for Darkspell Darkspell Deverry Series, Book Two Kerr, Katharine Here the epic saga that began with the Daggerspell continues a tale of might and magic, lust and glory, dark danger and poignant desires that echo from Deverry s sapphire waters to its secret mountain Dark Spell Surviving the Sentence Justice Knot Trilogy May , Dark Spell is the account of what it was like to be taken in handcuffs and shackles into Arkansas s adult prison system, where inmates and guards alike saw him as a Satanic child killer. Darkspell by Elizabeth Mueller Oct , Elizabeth Mueller s debut Darkspell will have you spell bound from the very beginning A story where nothing is as it seems and will have you guessing throughout the entire read Curve balls Throwback Thursday Darkspell Apr , Okay, so Darkspell didn t have quite such a spiffy cover as Daggerspell, but I m never going to stop appreciating Geoff Taylor s artwork and you re damn right if you think you re getting his Darkspell Open Library For as the two struggle to recover the Great Stone, the mystic jewel that guides the conscience of the kingship of Deverry, malevolent dark masters are weaving terrifying spells against them and displacing messengers of death.Katharine Kerr has extensively rewritten Darkspell Deverry Cycle Darkspell Rhodry is sent into exile by his brother Rhys, the Gwerbret of Aberwyn, and becomes a mercenary soldier called a silver dagger Jill goes with him they become involved in a dark Dark Magic Spells Dark Magic Spells Dark magic spells can come in all shapes and sizes, including a range of actual purposes How you want to define dark spells is up to you, but I tend to use the term for any magic Dark Spell Factory Clash of Clans Wiki Fandom There are currently five Dark Spells the Poison Spell, Earthquake Spell, Haste Spell, Skeleton Spell, and the Bat Spell The Dark Spell Factory is unlocked at Town Hall It was released on the July , Change Your Life with a Real Spell That Works Like Magic Change Your Life with a Real Spell that works like magic Cast a Free Spell Powerful Love Spell, Money Spell, Sex Spell, Magick Spell, Body Changing Spell, Dark Spells, Friendship Spell, Sexual Spells,

    • [PDF] Darkspell | by à Katharine Kerr
      284 Katharine Kerr

    About Author

    1. Katharine Kerr says:
      Born in Ohio, 1944 Moved to San Francisco Bay Area in 1962 and has lived there ever since Katharine Kerr has read extensively in the fields of classical archeology, and medieval and dark ages history and literature, and these influences are clear in her work Her epic Deverry series has won widespread praise and millions of fans around the world.

    Comment 930 on “Darkspell

    1. Shel says:
      Just as entertaining a tale as the first book, but I had to knock off a star for the blatant homophobia Sigh.

    2. Penelope Green says:
      Re read after several years away and it s held up really well Again, I get irritated when the change of storyline happens but one quickly gets sucked into the new storyline and cranky when you have abandon that one later on.The pseudo celtic setting is well constructed and unlike many tales, does not stay totally static over the 400 years the story tells.Reading with fresh eyes, there is a little homophobia creeping through but that might be the era of books and trying to anticipate the moral ou [...]

    3. Peat says:
      Not a huge amount to say I love the setting, I love the characters I even love the strange mish mash Deverry accent If I have a criticism, its the plot is a little disjointed It feels like a series of vignettes than something with a beginning, a middle and an ending and if there is a plot, its actually the bad guys , with the main characters just riding along for giggles I like vignettes, so I m okay, but cohesive plot demanders beware.One point I ve seen a lot of other reviews talking about th [...]

    4. Beth says:
      Darkspell is the second in a multiple book series, and, much like the book itself does, this review will presume some knowledge of the series first book, Daggerspell I ll do my best to skirt around spoilers for Darkspell itself.Darkspell continues the interlacing episodes of Daggerspell between the centuries distant past and the present of the story in Deverry of the 11th century The past segments are set in the 8th century this time around.I ll get the gripes about this particular book in the s [...]

    5. Rhod Chang says:
      To be honest, I like the old, unrevised version better My guess is that Kerr edited it so that it wasn t quite so negative about homosexuality incest in the first book pedophilia and gay rape in the second But I liked the family connection, and I love the complexity of Sarcyn s character And I really, really, really do love the story of Lady Gweniver in the Time of Troubles When I started re reading the series, I squealed when I realized the reference back remember in Daggerspell when Jill start [...]

    6. Helen says:
      This was quite difficult to read for two reasons Firstly, the formatting was off and I d be flung out of the story by sentences that didn t make sense only to realize that a letter was wrong rite becoming lite, some pure random words thrown in that made no sense e.g ro instead of to Secondly, the dialogue didn t feel natural to me, it felt like modern upper class English which didn t match the setting I did love the Welsh sounding words, given I m Welsh.Rhodry came across as a sword wielding loo [...]

    7. Suz says:
      It was interminable for about 85% of the book I am not amused with the timeline jumping to show the reincarnations of the characters The last 10 to 15% of the book made significant head way in opening up the long arc and the world, but for me it was too little too late.I may return to this series at some point just to see if it improves in subsequent books It s much loved by a lot of people But I m not very motivated for it right now How can there not be any audiobooks of this on

    8. Nerine Dorman says:
      We continue our journey with Nevyn as he comes up against the sinister Old One a dark dweomer master who has sent his operatives into Deverry to steal a magical jewel and sow dissent Of course Jill and Rhodry soon find themselves entangled in the plot, and Katherine Kerr also takes us on a secondary journey to examine of our central characters past lives, and how these influence current events.The template of the warrior maiden seems to be cast for Jill, only in her past life we get to know her [...]

    9. Dani says:
      Honestly I feel a little bad giving this book such a low rating Not because I actually have a higher opinion of it but because a lot of people appeared to really like it and I m obviously missing something.I read the revised version before anyone asks.It s slow I still can t get drawn into the way that Kerr writes, the looking in from the outside sort of feel that it has really draws me out of the moment Most of the time I pick up the book to read it I find myself fading off and almost falling a [...]

    10. Mark says:
      It has been 16 years since I first picked up the first Deverry novel, DaggerSpell, and here in am, 16 years later, about to finish the fifteenth and final one.Has the journey been worth it Yes Was the wait too long Yes.I would not recommend anyone starts reading the Deverry cycle unless they intend to read them all, as the macroscopic story is at least as important as the microscopic ones, and as such I am reviewing the books as a set.I almost give them 4 stars excellent but in the end I am not [...]

    11. ShariMulluane says:
      I am not much of a plot person, being way too much of a character lover but as far as plots go, I prefer one that is complicated and multilayered Well you do not get any layered then this story You have the present storyline that revolves around Jill, Rhodry, and Nevyn fighting against the forces of evil You have the previous incarnations with their storylines covering the extensive back story and you have the ever present question, will Nevyn be able to help Jill fulfill her destiny in this li [...]

    12. Deysha Rivera says:
      I m giving this book two stars because it s at least written in complete sentences It is one of the most poorly written books I have ever read, lacking in creativity and relying heavily on the authors personal biases to invoke darkness or evil in ways I find to be ignorant and offensive If I were to mark up this book with a highlighter every time the author uses the phrase all at once, it would dry the highlighter out completely This book is nothing short of a waste of life.

    13. Jesslyn says:
      I am really enjoying this series again Very happy that I didn t finish it the first time around I started in 2008 when Kindle was just getting off the ground and ebooks were scarce so I have no idea how it is going to end.This is true epic fantasy, of a kind that we don t seem much of these days And the ones we see seem to be taking 10 years to finish and or get the next books out.

    14. Kes says:
      I finished the series in one sitting, but regarding this book in particular I liked that Rhodry was getting used to his reduced status, in particular Even Jill had to admit that, expensive drink or not, it was pleasant to sit in a tavern room that didn t smell of moldy straw and unwashed dogs They had a table to themselves, because when customers entered, they took one look at Rhodry, another at the pommel of his silver dagger, and sat elsewhere, a double insult when one considered that they wer [...]

    15. Debbie Jinks says:
      After reading the first book in the Deverry series, Daggerspell I wondered if this 2nd book would be able to live up to it Carrying on from where it left off, this story re united the characters of Jill, Rhodry and Nevyn The story initially saw Jill re incarnated as the high priestess Gweniver Then moved back in time to Jill and Rhodry with the ever present Nevyn at their side The quest was to reunite the humans and elves so they could join forces to overturn the evil dark forces and master of d [...]

    16. Paula says:
      I had an issue with the gender politics of these books and stopped after this one Why did the characters get reborn into the same gender every time That bugged me And I found it deeply disturbing when the bad guys are the only people engaging in homosexuality Seriously This review is really for my own record of why I stopped reading this series perhaps there s redemption in further books But I ll be reading something else.

    17. QueenTut72 says:
      Another fantastic book in a fantastic series I like series because you really get to know the characters and, for me, these folks are old and dear friends I m ready to dive into the next book.

    18. Mighty says:
      Removed 1 star because the gay rape scene was too graffic I d rather it was implied.

    19. Amanda says:
      This is the second Deverry book and proves to be just as gripping as the first Here we are dealing with a present time storyline of Jill and Rhodry s life on the road as silver daggers, and the danger they face from masters of dark dweomer Jill discovers from Nevyn about dweomer as he tries to gently encourage her to fulfil her Wyrd destiny We also go back in time to a previous incarnation of Jill and Rhodry and Cullyn Jill s father The three souls and others have been twisted together because [...]

    20. Grianne says:
      storia prosegue ed affascinante, bello vedere finalmente i cattivi un passo indietro nella comprensione degli eventi e terrorizzati dal potentissimo buono ci sono anche alcune cose di questo volume che nn mi hanno entusiasmato troppo.Per prima la parte in cui Brangwen reincarnata in Gweniver troppo lunga, l ho trovata noiosa L idea in s di queste reincarnazioni successive bella, ok la prima in cui Nevyn si rende conto di alcune coseok la seconda che cmq breve e queste stanno nel primo volume ma [...]

    21. Nick Reys says:
      Darkspell is the second Kerr book and, unfortunately, it wasn t as strong as the first one was In the end, not much is fundamentaly different compared to Daggerspell aside from the plot There, Darkspell lacks a bit.Since a big part of these books take place in the past, my appreciation of a Katharine Kerr book depends on how that part turns out Here, it was a tedious affair We meet Gweniver, a noble lady on the run for another clan After some bickering, she enters the priesthood and becomes a wa [...]

    22. Federica Leva says:
      Continua l esilarante avventura di Jill e Rhodry, braccati dai Maestri Oscuri e dal Wyrd, il fato Sono momenti difficili, per i due amanti Esiliato dal nobile fratello maggiore, Rhodry costretto ad indossare una daga d argento simbolo di vergogna e a sopravvivere prestando servizio presso signorotti e ricchi mercanti Ma un giorno Jill trova nell erba una strana pietra capace di parlarle e di modificare forma, e d allora sente su di s lo sguardo invadente di un dweomer oscuro e pericoloso Di chi [...]

    23. Lindsey says:
      A very solid comfort fantasy some overuse of tropes but likeable characters, solid worldbuilding, nice hints of things to come There s nothing revolutionary here and I wouldn t expect it from a book almost three decades old but it s a good story and the reincarnation meta plot is still an interesting conceit I suspect that once the first four books are read, you could have a great discussion about Campbellian characters and the repercussions of small acts It s also worth mentioning that Kerr s r [...]

    24. Mary says:
      Darkspell is the second novel in Katharine Kerr s high fantasy Deverry series It continues building on the themes of reincarnation and fate as it predominantly follows the story of Rhodry and Jill, and their somewhat mentor like figure Nevyn, interspersed between flashbacks to their past lives.I definitely enjoyed this book than the first since the conflict was much interesting to me I ll take stealthy espionage over all out gritty warfare any day The characters and their intertwined relations [...]

    25. Lylah says:
      Holy homophobia, batman Okay, so I enjoyed this book The flashbacks were very interesting and I loved seeing Gweniver, warrior of the goddess, and the fact that Kerr knew the flashbacks weren t enough to keep reader interest in the reincarnation plot I liked seeing the Maelwadd founding and the construction of the world of Deverry.The villains were atrociously horrible, which they were supposed to be One of them is gay, but only seems to get sexual pleasure from raping men Everyone was repulsed [...]

    26. Deborah says:
      Prince Rhodry is sent into exile by his bratty brother Rhys, who has long felt his position to the throne threatened by Rhodry Jill goes with him, their journey along the road is frought with danger from both physical and magical forces, The strong distinctions between good and evil are drawn in this novel the corruption of innocence being perhaps the most troubling and disturbing element of the dark dweomer magic when we see the rape of a young boy as part of ritual magic, however it is careful [...]

    27. Broodingferret says:
      Kerr s storytelling showed a marked improvement in this book over Daggerspell As a whole, Darkspell is less derivative of prior works and Kerr s own thing after reading this book, it seems fairly clear that Kerr pretty much used Daggerspell to get the less creative portions of her story out of her system She still shows too much of a tendency to wrap things up too neatly by the end, but if I remember correctly, that gets better as the series continues On the up side, she spent longer on some of [...]

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