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No Way Back

No Way Back San Francisco crime reporter Tom Reed is burned out On the day he decides to finally quit the news business a sensational story breaks A heart stopping robbery homicide at a jewelry store The suspect

  • Title: No Way Back
  • Author: Rick Mofina
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • San Francisco crime reporter Tom Reed is burned out On the day he decides to finally quit the news business, a sensational story breaks A heart stopping robbery homicide at a jewelry store The suspects have shot and killed a police officer before fleeing with a female hostage Reed rushes to the scene, his passion resurrected for one last big story Arriving at the chaoSan Francisco crime reporter Tom Reed is burned out On the day he decides to finally quit the news business, a sensational story breaks A heart stopping robbery homicide at a jewelry store The suspects have shot and killed a police officer before fleeing with a female hostage Reed rushes to the scene, his passion resurrected for one last big story Arriving at the chaos, Reed is stunned to learn from a staff member, still clutching a receipt, that the hostage is his wife, Ann Reed Horrified, Reed confronts San Francisco Homicide Inspector Walt Sydowski and other detectives on the case All know the odds Reed is paralyzed with anguish, but his son, Zach, refuses to give up hope of finding his mother, despite the grisly trail left by the killers Now the clock is ticking down as Reed battles his demons and Sydowski in a life and death search for Ann.

    No Way Back May , Directed by Frank A Cappello With Russell Crowe, Helen Slater, Etsushi Toyokawa, Michael Lerner When an op goes wrong and FBI agent Zack s partner dies, his search for the one responsible takes him to a yakuza in Japan A mob boss wants No Way Back Rotten Tomatoes Apr , No Way Back Photos View All Photos Movie Info An FBI agent Russell Crowe winds up in the middle of a gang war when his prisoner breaks free and forces their plane to land No Way Back film No Way Back A Novel Kindle edition by Gross, Andrew Andrew Gross is the author of the New York Times and international bestsellers Everything to Lose, No Way Back, Seconds, Eyes Wide Open, Reckless, Don t Look Back, The Dark Tide, and The Blue Zone He is also coauthor of five number one bestsellers Watch No Way Back Prime Video Also known as Ain t No Way Back Two guys go hunting, one is a city boy They meet some moonshiners bothering a girl and get involved and their butts handed to them In fact if you want to know exactly what the film is about read the back of the DVD cover for the plot spoiler The film was basically boring without life Guide F bomb.

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      329 Rick Mofina

    About Author

    1. Rick Mofina says:
      Rick Mofina is a former journalist and an award winning author of several acclaimed thrillers His reporting has put him face to face with murderers on death row in Montana and Texas He has covered a horrific serial killing case in California and an ard car heist in Las Vegas, flown over Los Angeles with the LAPD Air Support Division and gone on patrol with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police near the Arctic He has reported from the Caribbean, Africa and Kuwait s border with Iraq His true crime articles have appeared in the New York Times, Marie Claire, Reader s Digest and Penthouse.By 2010 his books will have been published in 8 languages and 16 countries.Series Tom Reed and Walt Sydowski Jason Wade Jack GannonAwards Arthur Ellis Award Best Novel 2003 Blood of Others

    Comment 805 on “No Way Back

    1. Jim says:
      Another compelling thriller from author Rick Mofina, No Way Back , is the fourth in Reed Sydowski series Well written and packed with suspense, this book packs a punch from the first page to the last A crazy jewelry store robbery has turned into a double homicide with a kidnapped victim One of the murdered victims was a SFPD officer The kidnapped hostage is Ann Reed, the wife of crime reporter Tom Reed Walt Sydowski and his partner Linda Turgeon are soon on the scene Tom doesn t realize it s his [...]

    2. Vannetta Chapman says:
      The writing in this book is good, hence the 3 stars Unfortunately I didn t like the majority of the characters even the good guys The point of view hopped around a lot Also it was extremely descriptive as far as the violent scenes Ack Not for me Just my opinion, of course.Note Some language and descriptive violent scenes.

    3. Jon Dunwell says:
      Enjoyed the read Suspenseful Good characters I enjoyed the storyline Though I didn t mind the happy ending, I thought the ending was lacking lacked the suspense and twists of the rest of the book.

    4. Edward Zulko says:
      Must readAnother homerun for Rick Just get started reading this and the time will fly by What a story Nice one Rick.

    5. Quillracer says:
      Mofina keeps the tension high throughout the book and throws in plenty of twists to keep the reader off balance He drags Tom Reed through fear, anger, despair, and hope and every other possible emotion regarding the kidnapping of his wife And he tugs the reader along That s the sign of a good writer.Many writers have the bad guys be flawless or the good guys clueless for 85% of the book When that point is reached, the author has the bad guys commit the dumbest mistake possible or the good guys s [...]

    6. Judy Gill says:
      Well done, Mr MolinaWith NO WAY BACK, Rick Mofina has earned himself a place in my must read lineup The action is non stop, the plot multi faceted, and the characters well defined When crime reporter Tom Reed s wife, Ann, is in the wrong place at the wrong time, she s kidnapped by some desperate criminals, whipped out of sight, and no one knows if she s alive or dead Tom has no intention of giving up, though the situation is dire If the SFPD and the FBI can t find her, then he ll do it himself a [...]

    7. Rodney J Going says:
      Pretty realThe development of this story kept me wanting to continue I think people will enjoy the storyline A little gruesome in some places.

    8. Jay Williams says:
      Tom Reed is caught up in tragedy as his wife is taken hostage in a jewelry store robbery From the thrilling beginning through a manhunt that leads across the country the action is exciting and suspenseful The resolution doesn t come until the very last pages In between, a psychological game plays out as Tom discovers one of the kidnappers is the subject of one of his past stories, and is out for revenge Many diverse characters fill out the cast, including a brutish sex maniac with a misshapen ea [...]

    9. Keith Withers says:
      Highly exhausting A thriller to top all thrillersWhen a top news reporter s wife is apparently the random victim of a kidnapping during a major jewellery robbery nobody realised quite how complicated the real story is or will turn out to be Frantically trying to find his wife Tom Reed, crime reporter for The Star is tormented by the finding of a dead body , in two different States, the murder of the getaway driver, the death of a female accomplice of the two kidnappers and the misinformation fro [...]

    10. Michael Stewart says:
      I got this e book free from a daily mailing of bargain e books which always has at least one free book Many seem to involve vampire hunters, werewolves and witches, but I have come across some very good detective mystery novels This author is Canadian, living in Ottawa, I believe He is good Staccato action all through it But no cursing I didn t miss it, but it is unusual these days I enjoyed the read, and obtained a box set of his five novels with these characters the detective and the crime rep [...]

    11. Ricardo Homsi says:
      Always a guilty pleasure to find a police procedural written by an experienced hand who knows pacing, gradual revealing of clues, alternating points of view in short, the necessary tools to conduct an effective page turner Nothing that will change your life down the road, or even a couple hours after THE END, but a competent and fast moving thrill ride where life and limb hangs in the balance.

    12. Roxanne says:
      This book took off pretty quickly and kept moving most of the time The descriptions of how Tom was feeling stretched out a bit much which had me skimming chapters Also, the fact that the hostage was protected to the degree she was made it hard to believe at times Once we found out the connection, there was still no reason to protect her to that degree Overall it kept my interest and I like this author.

    13. James E. Mayfield says:
      Gripping I have read four of Mr Mofina s books they are all exciting suspenseful reads.This book may be the most gripping of them all since, I have come to believe Tom Reed to be a friend, I hurt and agonized with him in the search for his wife I would recommend this book highly if you enjoy reading crime books then Mr Mofina has got you covered As with all his books you can t put them down.

    14. Jeri L Gauthier says:
      As Good As Crime Fiction Gets The book kept me spellbound, deprived me of food and sleep I love books like this but at the same time I dread coming to the end with no books of it s caliber to let me continue and to let me escape for a while Rick Mofina is now placed on my list of exciting writers I can truly say thanks many times over to all those involved in sending this to me.

    15. Donna J says:
      Outstanding page by pageThis book like every book from Rick Mofina was a great psychological thriller He s turning out to be one of my favorite authors His action never starts slow From beginning to end you re always ready to turn the page for intrigue I love his series with Tom Reed and this one involved his familywill not give away but I highly recommend for readers to read or listen as I did Bravo

    16. Tina Bailey says:
      Thrill ride all the way Rick is a great writer, and I enjoy his stories, and this is no different It had your twists, turns, excitement, etc, and the only reason I gave it 4stars is because in th beginning while a jewelry store is being robbed, what person in their right mind would say, Yes, I have a car

    17. Anne says:
      This book rates right up with the other books by Rick Mofina that I have read I loved it would have given it a five star rating but thought I would leave him a little room for improvement This book had me on the edge of my seat from the minute the jewelry store part started It was very well written and told a very believable story Keep up the good work and looking for my next read.

    18. Kevin McRae says:
      Found my new Parker, Sanders, PattersonBeen looking for a new favorite and found him My quest is to find someone who tells a good story, hooks you so that you don t want to put the book down, and sets a pace as the tale speeds up you find yourself racing to to get to the ending Not normal reviewer basically I like what I like and this was great On to the next book.

    19. Kevin James says:
      A real page turnerThis is a thriller that starts slowly then gets faster and faster You re hooked What appears to be a random action in a robbery gone wrong turns out to be something You care about the characters You constantly fear the worst Edge of seat stuff Highly recommended.

    20. Barbara George says:
      Well done Captivating thriller that leaves you hanging every minute The author leads you to the brink over and over but it never gets overwhelming or unbelievable You are sympathetic all thru the days of tracking two ruthless killers with a helpless female victim who has no chance Must read Will not disappoint.

    21. Carol Simmons says:
      Another good bookAuthor Rick Mofina kept my interest again with Walt and Tom You can t put the book down until you finish the entire book John and Del two crazed felons who caused havoc the entire book Mofina is a excellent writer Will continue to read all his books

    22. Linda Look says:
      Reporters are not very sensitive when interviewing victims survivors Jewelry store robbery subsequent hostage situation leads to a multi state man hunt Although pretty descriptive, I liked the action I rate this a 4.8

    23. Khushi Rj says:
      As always Rick Mofina s book never disappointed me Sometimes book of this genre go little over the top for the sake of suspenseful story I felt the story was just right Though ending could have alternatives Kind of win win situation could have been better.

    24. Nancy Hartill says:
      Harrowing RideTom Reed, a very successful news writer, was sent to put heart into a jewelry robbery, turned kidnapping, that touched him too close This edge of your seat gripping story involves the kidnapping of Tom s wife and causes him to be in the forefront of greedy journalists It is interesting when the tables are turned It was a good book that is full of suspense.

    25. Bev. Phillips says:
      Gripping taleFrom the first page this story will grip you and won t let go until the last paragraph It combines investigative reporting with police work a must read for mystery fans

    26. Kathleen Quinn says:
      Breathtaking Mystery, Fantastic EndingCouldn t put this book down from page one You became invested in the characters and wanted them to overcome the odds against them Loved the ending.

    27. terry johnson says:
      The road taken in life catches up with you.One of the best well written stories I have read Two hero that saved each other and found what the meaning of life is about The research must have been intense to put this story together Thank you Rick.

    28. Jeannette says:
      CompellingThis is not my normal genre but Rick Mofina has made me a fan I found it hard to put down The relationship between Reed and Sydowski keeps getting stronger and believable.

    29. Debbie says:
      Hard to put down This was a great fast paced book that kept me on edge until the end I wanted to keep reading and ignore all other parts of my life chores, meals, sleep There weren t any slow parts in this book it was good to the very last page.

    30. Sandie Parrish says:
      No Way BackThis is the story of a crime scene reporter who finds out the innocent female customer who was taken by thieves in a jewelry store robbery is his wife How he copes, searches for his wife, tells his young son is the story It s a fantastic story

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