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Murder on the Lake

Murder on the Lake BY THE TIME Detective Inspector Skelgill becomes the tenth person to be stranded on secluded Grisholm Pigs Isle in Old Norse where a writers retreat is taking place one of the assembled literati is a

  • Title: Murder on the Lake
  • Author: Bruce Beckham
  • ISBN: 9781506004334
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Paperback
  • BY THE TIME Detective Inspector Skelgill becomes the tenth person to be stranded on secluded Grisholm Pigs Isle in Old Norse where a writers retreat is taking place, one of the assembled literati is already dead Though natural causes seem to provide the explanation, a second apparently accidental death and a series of inexplicable experiences convince Skelgill thatBY THE TIME Detective Inspector Skelgill becomes the tenth person to be stranded on secluded Grisholm Pigs Isle in Old Norse where a writers retreat is taking place, one of the assembled literati is already dead Though natural causes seem to provide the explanation, a second apparently accidental death and a series of inexplicable experiences convince Skelgill that a cold and calculating killer is at large Set around Derwentwater in the English Lake District, this traditional whodunit sees Skelgill and his team striving to fathom a mystery that his superior officer suspects may be no than his imagination at play.

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      211 Bruce Beckham

    About Author

    1. Bruce Beckham says:
      Bruce Beckham is an award winning copywriter and author A resident of Great Britain, he has travelled and worked in over 60 countries He is published in both fiction and non fiction, and a member of the Society of Authors.He enjoys a variety of genres, and his works to date include crime fiction, adult fiction, and the acclaimed suspense novel, The Dune.Under the pen name Lee Thatcher, he is author of the children s novel, The Adventures of Pearl and Dean, aimed at 8 11 year olds.He is the originator of the Detective Inspector Skelgill Investigates series 1 Murder in Adland, 2 Murder in School, 3 Murder on the Edge, 4 Murder on the Lake, 5 Murder by Magic, 6 Murder in the Mind, 7 Murder at the Wake, 8 Murder in the Woods, 9 Murder at the Flood and 10 Murder at Dead Crags.Murder Mystery Weekend 11 is scheduled for publication in July 2018.You are welcome to contact Bruce directly through the message system or via his publisher, at this address lucius ebooks liveFeel free to send a friend request or click follow to receive updates of free Kindle downloads and giveaways.

    Comment 377 on “Murder on the Lake

    1. Stacy says:
      I just love a good British mystery Even crimes seem to be described in polite, nicer terms I like the manner of the detectives, and in this one, I liked Inspector Skelgill s ever apparent air of distraction and sort of ineptitude that throws the suspects sort of off, so their guard is kind of down I liked his obsession with fishing and completing a bet to catch a record pike, and how, his ability to attempt to win the bet was distracting him from the murder investigation but not really He just [...]

    2. J.B. Hawker says:
      Classic British Detective RompHappily, this author obviously ignored current advice to aim writing to the fifth grade vocabulary Although the first few complicated sentences required a shift in reading gears, once into the rhythm I was hooked like a pike and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

    3. Jill says:
      I received this book as part of a giveaway, thanks to the author, Bruce Beckham and for my my copy This was an out of the box mystery read for me and I was leaning towards a 3.5 star rating I enjoyed how the mystery started immediately and each chapter kept it moving with showing the days and times along with the whodunnit that kept me guessing until the end I just got bogged down in the English terminology and not knowing what some of the words meant I do like series with re occurring characte [...]

    4. Italo Italophiles says:
      Wonderfully entertaining Turn off the TV and pick up a Skelgill book The author has created a very entertaining protagonist for his police procedural series in police inspector Skelgill If you enjoy the Dalziel from Yorkshire police procedurals, you ll certainly enjoy the Skelgill from Cumbria stories There is lots of local flavor from Cumbria s Lake District, especially in the person of Skelgill, a native, heart, soul and tongue In this book, the first I ve read in the series but it will not be [...]

    5. Tony Parsons says:
      DS Daniel Dan Skelgill Cumbria CID 10 other PPL are stranded on the secluded Grisholm Island Pigs Isle in Old Norse.Grisholm Hall is hosting housing a writers WE Wordsworth Writers Retreat.Lucy Hecate 26, aspiring writer is the 1st 1 Dan meets Dickie Lampray 59, literary agent introduced Abel Thurnwyke boatman Linda Gray 46, chef, cook books , Rich Buckley 45, book publisher , Gerald Bond retired GP, Inspector, guide books Angela Cutting 37, literary critic , Bella Mandrake 39, actress, aspiring [...]

    6. Karen says:
      Stayed up most of the night finishing this one just couldn t wait to find out not only the name and motive of the murderer, but also to work through the case with Inspector Skelgill Skelgill is out fishing during a raging storm, hoping to catch a huge pike and win a bet, when he sees a woman running along the island s edge She beacons him in and tells him there s been a death Skelgill, of course, rows over, ties up his boat and enters into the strange world of writers, publishers, literary criti [...]

    7. Cornerofmadness says:
      Technically a 3.5 read but I rounded up a little because I m lenient on self pubbers because everything is on them I did win this book from in exchange for a review but that in no way affected my review.I do, however, want to break this into two pieces for the review because I liked the mystery than the style so let me tackle them separately.Inspector Daniel Skelgill is not just a homicide detective but also a highly dedicated fisherman He is out on the titular lake trying to land a monster pi [...]

    8. Em says:
      While out fishing on the lake, Inspector Skelgill is drawn into an unfolding mystery sudden death, or is it murder Well, the title is probably a bit of a clue.This is the first book I ve read in this series and it worked well for me as a standalone novel It s a quiet sort of mystery It s based largely in the world of publishers, agents and aspiring writers, making the book a reflection on the circumstances of its own creation It was a lot of fun to read The mystery unravelled effectively, althou [...]

    9. Caroline says:
      This book is the 4th of 8 Inspector Skelgill murder mysteries which is set in the English lakes district use google maps for reference if you are as unfamiliar with English geography as am I , with additional travel to London and Edinburgh Inspector Skelgill is like fishing when a storm forces him to seek shelter on an island Unfortunately, there s been a deal at a writer s retreat and there s no means of communication After joining the writers for a meal and a parlor game, Skelgill falls asleep [...]

    10. Amy Peck says:
      Disappointing in comparison to first 3 books in seriesThe first three books in the Inspector Skelgill series were pure joy to read Each was better than the one before Well developed plots and very detailed yet nuanced quirky characters and relationships adding that extraordinarily special dimension to the stories Who done it almost becomes secondary to what will happen to Skelgill and Jones Compared to those, this story is flat Yes, the plot is okay, but that s all It s missing the character dev [...]

    11. Gail says:
      A great mystery story but I had a little trouble getting into it but once I did I really enjoyed the mystery Some of the language is overwhelming and I think every day language would have worked better and would be easier to understand.This book reminds me of Agatha Christie s 10 Little Indians or later called Than There Were None.On an isolated island are 9 writers, publishers or agents for the book industry One of them ends up dead which seems to be normal circumstances Inspector Skelgill who [...]

    12. Harry Lane says:
      Plot seems to be a variant of Christie s And Then There Were None Skelgill, in improbable circumstances, finds himself on an isolated island with nine other people, one of whom is dead The death appears natural, but is followed by another, which also looks to be accidental But the events cause questions, and Skelgill and his team are off to find answers There is a bit of coziness to Beckham s narrative, also some interesting details about life in the north of England Skelgill s thought processes [...]

    13. Betsy says:
      Another excellent entry in this series I enjoy following Detectives Skelgill, Leyton, and Jones through the trials of a murder investigation This time there are two murders for them to work through As always, Skelgill s two favorite pastimes, fishing and eating, play their parts.

    14. Candace says:
      Murder on the Lake had me guessing and kept me reading Very good I quite enjoy Skelgill and his crew I hope there will be many books to read Waiting for the next new book

    15. Becky Almon says:
      Pretty good yarnThe plot is pretty good, but the prose style is awkward There could also have been development of the characters.

    16. Ali says:
      I received this book through a giveaway, and I would have liked to have given a 3.5 rating, if technology had allowed.Whilst this book works well as an isolated read I will definitely read others in the Inspector Skelgill, as I enjoyed the setting and the characters involved.The style of prose however was, for me, uneven and I found that I would be totally absorbed in the tale and then thrown off rhythm It did not appear to be a plot device as there was now apparent pattern to when I became cons [...]

    17. Jennifer says:
      Received a free copy for honest review.Detective Skelgill is back with a traditional whodunit where he becomes stranded on an island during a storm with a group of writers that are participating in a writers retreat His skills as a detective are put to the test when the body of one of the group ends up dead Was it a natural death or was it murder I really like this series of detective stories, the main character is interesting and solves crimes in his rather unique way If you like a good mystery [...]

    18. Gary Van Cott says:
      This book starts out as a country house mystery However, that doesn t last very long and it becomes a contemporary story I like the characters in these books but the mystery, instead of unraveling step by step, is only solved at the very end.

    19. Heather says:
      I enjoyed the overall storyline of this book I liked that it kept readers guessing until the end.I did have to keep reminding myself that it takes place in a present time My mind kept wandering back to 1800s.

    20. Joni says:
      Murder on the LakeAnother excellent Detective Inspector Skelgill murder mystery book Set in England and Scotland the book offers a glimps into the English and Scottish ways of live, lots of red herrings, and lessons in fishing.

    21. Susan says:
      Murder, old manor, house party, stormy nightAll the requisite elements for a good read are present without being the same old formula Well written mystery set in the Lake country.

    22. Patty says:
      I won this book through the first reads program Thank you This is the first book that I ve read by this author It is a nice cozy fireside read.

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