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Secrets of a Side Bitch 4

Secrets of a Side Bitch After everything that he has been through Omari can t even see himself in another relationship Just the thought of Simone Campbell makes him turn away from any chick Whether it s the baddest bitch or

  • Title: Secrets of a Side Bitch 4
  • Author: Jessica N. Watkins
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • After everything that he has been through, Omari can t even see himself in another relationship Just the thought of Simone Campbell makes him turn away from any chick Whether it s the baddest bitch or a foreign chick, he ll pass But then she came into his life and that all changed He s ready to live and love again, and she just might be the one That is, if Simone doAfter everything that he has been through, Omari can t even see himself in another relationship Just the thought of Simone Campbell makes him turn away from any chick Whether it s the baddest bitch or a foreign chick, he ll pass But then she came into his life and that all changed He s ready to live and love again, and she just might be the one That is, if Simone doesn t ruin it like she has everything else in his life Simone and her wicked, deadly ways are back But she isn t still that devious side bitch that s obsessed with Omari Sutton Now, she s obsessed with staying out of prison However, one glimpse of Omari and his new leading lady causes her insanity to resurface Little does she know, Detective Keisha Howard is just as obsessed as she is and won t sleep until she tracks down Simone to ensure that she pays for all of her murderous ways In Secrets of a Side Bitch 4, every lie, trick, and murder is laid out on the table, and karma begins to take its revenge on some, while new life begins for others.

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    • Secrets of a Side Bitch 4 Best Download || [Jessica N. Watkins]
      486 Jessica N. Watkins

    About Author

    1. Jessica N. Watkins says:
      Author of Urban Chick Lit, Erotica, and Contemporary Urban Fiction Jessica N Watkins was born April 1st in Chicago, Illinois She obtained a Bachelors of Arts with Focus in Psychology from DePaul University and Masters of Applied Professional Studies with focus in Business Administration from the like institution Working in Hospital Administration for the majority of her career, Watkins has also been an author of fiction literature since the young age of nine Eventually she used writing as an outlet during her freshmen year of high school as a single parent In the third grade I entered a short story contest with a fiction tale of an apple tree that refused to grow despite the efforts of the darling main character My writing evolved from apple trees to my seventh and eighth grade classmates paying me to read novels I had written about kids our age living the lives our parents wouldn t dare let us At the age of twenty eight, Watkins chronicles have matured into steamy, humorous, and realistic tales of women s literature She hopes that The Epitome of Femistry series will successfully emulate ideal femininity while tackling stereotypes, familiar heartache, and relatable distress in a humorous, sophisticated, and erotic fashion.Jessica N Watkins is available for talks, workshops or book signings Email her for information at Jessica femistrypress.Additional information can be found at jessica n watkins.Follow Jessica on Twitter authorjwatkins.Follow Jessica on Facebook facebook authorjwatkins

    Comment 747 on “Secrets of a Side Bitch 4

    1. India Jones-Tanner says:
      Great conclusion to a good series, but too many grammatical errors

    2. Cheryl James says:
      Summary This is a very good series about a girl gone bad Normally the Apple doesn t fall far from the tree.

    3. reneeNaDaBomb says:
      I still can t believe Simone is finally gone Pretty good series that I would highly recommend.

    4. Victoria says:
      It was not as explosive as the previous books There was no wow factor for me I honestly feel it was an ok you wanted of Simone here you go I loved Omari and Jasmine Omari is still definitely the man In my emotions over one part and frustrated over others I amHappy the series is over but disappointed in it s lackluster ending.

    5. Dee Cherry says:
      SOSB 4Loved this series by Jessica Watkins Storyline remained consistent throughout the series providing plenty of drama Hated to see it end but I was glad Simone s wickedness was laid to rest Omari finally has a chance to love again.

    6. Lizzie Winns says:
      This is the fourth and final series in Secrets of a Side Bitch It was an amazing read It was filled with jealousy, disdain, betrayal, regret, but most all it s filled with the warmest love story I ve read yet I was rooting for the Omari and Jasmine the whole way through, Loved the way the story took on a life of its own Will definitely be recommending this book to my fellow avid readers.

    7. Maya Gibson says:
      Great Ending to an awesome seriesWhat a way to end a series Jessica threw a little twist into Omari s world,but I m glad he didn t allow the past or Simone keep him from happiness I love how everything played out except for Chance I really wanted him to be happy This is definitely a banger series,I couldn t stop reading until I was done.

    8. Johnne Johnson says:
      Hands down one of my favorite series It s bittersweet to see the series come to an end We all finally get to say BYE SIMONE this time I m happy that Omari finally got the closure that he deserved I m definitely happy with this ending.

    9. Kieshaboo Mays says:
      this was crazy how it ended but what goes around comes back around

    10. Natallie Woods says:
      Action packedThere is so many twists and turns Lots of action It reads like an action movie with hood romance, just like we do it Keeping it real

    11. Yolanda Moore says:
      Perfect ending to this series All the characters challenges made them stronger and better people I m glad Eboni got herself together Jasmine Omari deserve to be happy.

    12. Gemini Rule says:
      The series endsPeople the whole entire 5 book series of SSB was awesome I cried, I laugh, I got angry This book pulls on your every emotion I wish Simone had if went to jail But then again she needed to die That kind of evil should not exist in this world Everybody found happiness at the end This series was freaking amazing Jessica is a fabulous author.

    13. Keturah D says:
      This book is a must read, I couldn t stop reading this book even if I wanted to I had to know what was going happen next It s very suspenseful and keeps you on your toes.I chose this rating because this book was awesome It s a must read and I m now considering reading some of her other stores I read the whole 4 part series of this book in 3 days I loved it

    14. ILoveMyAudibleKindle says:
      Alot of buildup with an anti climatic ending and happily ever afters somewhat all around Disappointing end, but glad the author did not drag this out into another book.Oddly enough the best book out of the series was Simone s tale.

    15. Janet Gonzalez says:
      Great Book seriesKeeps you turning the pages Storyline intertwined successfully but not confusing I recommend the series I also love how the author writes

    16. Crystal Rembert says:
      Excellent book that I could not put downLoved everything about all 4 books Each character was very entertaining I am hoping for a part 5 real soob

    17. Eloise Rodriguez says:
      Loved it great ending as wellVery good book enjoyed every part ending was good brought tears to my eyes I would recommend this book to anyone who loves urban books.

    18. Leo says:
      ManManis is real5 Great Author, Great book, Awesome Author every book I ve read keep it coming it s realGood read it

    19. Angel Mitchell says:
      Page turner Great book could not stop reading it Actually got mad if someone interrupted me while I was reading lol Great job

    20. Britany Tumblin says:
      Page turner Girl you did that I read this book in one day I could not put it down Awesome work Keep it up.

    21. debrah cooper says:
      Very good readBook four just as good as the previous three Looking forward to of the like Enjoyed this book series

    22. Catherine edwards says:
      Great book, I was glad Omar got a chance to be happy

    23. kendra bryant says:
      Rating the whole seriesI stayed away from this series for a very long time simply bc I couldn t stand the title the title irked me But 5 days ago I gave in and downloaded the first book and I was hooked I am not a fan of long drawn out series and usually stop at book 2 but I just couldn t stop I had to know what the hell Simone s crazy ass would do next and when Omari would find out everything her miserable ass did Sad to say but Simone is a real person There are so many women who have done SOME [...]

    24. Ty says:

    25. sheri_reads says:
      I finally finished what I believe to be the last book in Jessica Watkins Secrets of a Side Bitch series and of course I was not disappointed I like to think of this book as the aftermath of Simone Campbell In book 3, we are left to believe that Simone Campbell is dead Book 4 picks up after everyone in her life has found out about her death and now they are trying to pick up the pieces of their lives.This book series is filled with love, death, drugs, cheaters and liars, and I absolutely loved it [...]

    26. Patti Doss says:
      I absolutely loved this book I m so glad that Omari can finally breathe again and that he has finally found a love similar to the love he had with Ayesha Simone got what she deserved and although Chance was a pawn in Simone s web, I hate he died Simone used him as she did other people I m glad that the detective closed the case and realized that it was important for her to be in her kids lives and even important to give back especially to the people that Simone hurt I think the series should en [...]

    27. Marie Morisset says:
      Avid Leo ReaderI was very happy when the author released Simone s story because it gave me the insight of her true nature Here we have Simone reaching her lowest point ever as becomes a woman of the night Even at her lowest, she barely feels any remorse for all wrong doings as she projects her insecurities and failures onto others Knowing that Simone is lurking out there fills Omari, s world with gloom and doom But Omari is determined to get his life back on track when he meets Jasmine Will thei [...]

    28. beverly says:
      Good readSpoiler alert In this final chapter in the 3 book series, Simone finally gets what she deserves Actually, there is closure for all of the main characters I would have liked to see Simone suffer for her serious misdeeds The editing could also use improvements There were quite a few typos and grammatical errors Additionally, there was a bit too much graphic violence for my taste But I enjoyed the love story between Omari and Jasmine I also appreciated the author s willingness to create s [...]

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