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Stormbound Perfect for fans of the Warriors Survivors and Guardians of Ga Hoole series this sequel to The Guardian Herd Starfire will have readers turning the pages to follow Star s epic tale When Star receiv

  • Title: Stormbound
  • Author: Jennifer Lynn Alvarez
  • ISBN: 9780062286093
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Perfect for fans of the Warriors, Survivors, and Guardians of Ga Hoole series, this sequel to The Guardian Herd Starfire will have readers turning the pages to follow Star s epic tale.When Star received his powers on his first birthday, he became the most powerful pegasus in Anok However, many were afraid to follow him and felt safer staying with their over stallions ThPerfect for fans of the Warriors, Survivors, and Guardians of Ga Hoole series, this sequel to The Guardian Herd Starfire will have readers turning the pages to follow Star s epic tale.When Star received his powers on his first birthday, he became the most powerful pegasus in Anok However, many were afraid to follow him and felt safer staying with their over stallions The rest unified with Star and formed River Herd.But now a horrible plague threatens the five herds, and the heartless over stallion Rockwing of Mountain Herd has plans to kidnap Morningleaf, Star s closest companion, and take back Sky Meadow Star begins to question his ability to keep his herd safe, especially with the threat of Nightwing the Destroyer s return the pegasus who inherited the starfire before Star and used it for evil As much as Star wants to rely on his friends again for support, he s afraid of the starfire he s inherited Star can heal, but he can also destroy And the question is, will his dark powers overcome him

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      189 Jennifer Lynn Alvarez

    About Author

    1. Jennifer Lynn Alvarez says:
      Author of RIDERS OF THE REALM, THE GUARDIAN HERD, and THE PET WASHER series I draw on my lifelong love of animals when writing my books Praise for The Guardian Herd Series Chock full of adventure and twists, making it difficult to put down School Library Journal Filled with fantastical action, and rich with description A well paced and engrossing story Alvarez has created a series that will be beloved by readers Voice of Youth Advocates VOYA Alvarez s world is lush with description and atmosphere, and her premise has much to offer Publishers Weekly The clever resolution will get kids psyched for tales from the Guardian Herd Booklist This epic adventure is richly developed Compelling Kirkus Reviews From page one, Jennifer Lynn Alvarez weaves an epic tale of a doomed black Pegasus foal named Star, whose race against time will lift the reader on the wings of destiny and danger, magic and hope It s a world I did not want to leave, and neither will you Peter Lerangis, New York Times bestselling author in the 39 Clues series and of the Seven Wonders series

    Comment 815 on “Stormbound

    1. Angela says:
      This story started off with a trot and developed into a full gallop, leaving the reader breathless at the cliffhanger ending I kept turning the last page over and over hoping there was A thrilling follow up to the stunning debut of the Guardian Herd series Readers who are new to the series won t have any problems catching onto the well developed, well paced storyline full of dips and turns and surprises.When Star receives his power on his first birthday, he believes he can unite the tribes and [...]

    2. Raven says:
      I should note in advance that this review will contain spoilers from the previous book If you re reading the review for this book I will have assumed you read the book that came before it.Where the first novel felt introductory than anything else, Stormbound is where the author really seems to find her footing Echofrost gets to have some actual involvement though still not enough if you ask me and her character is largely defined by the events in the first book That s unfortunate, because going [...]

    3. Gabby B says:
      I cannot wait for this book to come out in April

    4. S Reeb says:
      So frustrating when it ended on a cliff hanger while I was on the bus I had to go all day before I found out what happened

    5. Shelli says:
      Although the first book really wasn t my cup of tea, I read this one to see how the story develops and to see if I would like this one any than the first I am happy to say I consider this book much better than book 1 Do I consider it a good book t really.What I do like is that Star does a lot to earn his characterization in this book He learns things when he tries to help other pegasi He tries different things to get through to the other characters He actually develops as a character Somewhat. [...]

    6. Online Eccentric Librarian says:
      More reviews and no fluff on the blog surrealtalvi.wordpress My 11 year old daughter is greatly enjoying this series and once I told her I had it on Kindle, she grabbed the Paperwhite and I didn t see her again for several hours as she eagerly devoured it Here is her review Story Star coming into his power and leading the tribe But there is dissension and he is too young and inexperienced to not only hold them together but also keep them from starving Worst, there are always two black winged Peg [...]

    7. Heather Bridson says:
      Ok, well I looked at this book a little strangely I just couldn t imagine a book about flying horses to be very good I figured it would be a cute story for a young girl Boy was I wrong I started reading it and got sucked in immediately I bas back to being the girl who read every horse and unicorn book I could find The pegasi are very well developed characters, and the descriptions are so good the imagination takes over and you get sucked into their world of pegasi Now, I had not read the first b [...]

    8. Joel Jenkins says:
      Some nice descriptive and poetic writing in this book about anthropomorphic pegasi My daughter s complaint as well as mine we read it together is there are too many herds and pegasi to keep track of Just when you think you ve got a handle on the characters fly in.The story is surprisingly violent for a children s book pegasi breaking enemy wings, stomping and burning each other to death It ends on a cliffhanger My daughter gives it a 4 star.

    9. Sydney Scrogham says:
      I loved this story Slow to start, but after that first 25%, it moves fast right until the end Glad I didn t have to wait for the sequel to this one.

    10. Sriya says:
      This book reminded me of Harry Potter and the deathly hallows Nightwing is like Voldemort, Star is Harry and Morningleaf is like Hermione No Ron though.

    11. Jessie says:
      This series is so nostalgic for me, I wish it had existed when I was about 12 since it is exactly the kind of thing I would of obsessed over.

    12. Feathertail says:
      amazing continuing Guardian Herd story i definitely recommend

    13. Elaine says:
      This was a significant improvement to the first book in the series Stormbound is much better written, and the characters are developed The plot also picks up the pace.One of the impressive things about this book are the villains All of them have reasons for being evil and I think there is hope for at least some of them to be redeemed It s tricky to do villains well, so I have to give the author kudos for doing a good job with these characters I do have to wonder why the pegasi are so inclined [...]

    14. Riss says:
      Phew, that was an intense couple of hours Stormbound is mostly buildup and characters fumbling around, trying to figure things out This isn t a bad thing, mind you Many rules established in Starfire are tested, if not flipped upside down It s interesting Star is really freaking likeable, still You burn with desire to see this kid succeed and just want to give him a big hug That said, the Christ analogies are a little on the nose, particularly when Frostfire enters the scene Veterans of fantasy a [...]

    15. Ashley says:
      Stormbound The Guardian Herd Book 2 Summary When Star received his powers on his first birthday, he became the most powerful pegasus in Anok But many were afraid to follow the yearling colt and felt safer remaining with their over stallions the rest unified with Star and formed River Herd Now his new herd is homeless and menaced by predators, causing Star to question his ability to keep them safe And then the Blue Tongue plague appears, quickly sweeping through the north and leaving destruction [...]

    16. BAYA Librarian says:
      Star s story continues from Alvarez s first book about him as he tries to lead and care for those herds with him Tensions continue to rise among old herds as horses begin to leave and follow Star Many hope for all herds to unite, but some divisions and distrust seem strong as ever At the same time, an old threat Nightwing approaches from across the ocean, frightening the Pegasi of Anok than Star does, and also threatening to destroy Star.This is the second book in a series and readers will do w [...]

    17. aem says:
      This was the first I read but it appears there was a lot of previous actions and characters that were not covered in detail in this book From my perspective, it would have been helpful to know back story before reading this, the 2nd in the series Apologies to the author if I did not understand that this should not have been read as a stand alone.Also, the ending was a bit unsatisfactory It stopped in the middle of some extremely crucial spot like those old time tv half hour serials This is blat [...]

    18. Stacie says:
      Stormbound is a wonderfully written tale that takes readers on an enchanting journey through Anok as Star adjusts to his new role as a leader of River Herd Rockwing, who is envious of Star, hopes to take back what he believes to be rightfully his, Sky Meadow Star is still unsure of his new found abilities and fears he may bring harm than good to the herd Can Star find the courage embrace his gifts and be the strong leader he needs to be The Guardian Herd is a fantastic series for middle grade r [...]

    19. sam says:
      Name Sami B.Class 7 RedPages 320Review Extra Stormbound byJennifer Lynn Alvarez is a thrilling second installment in the Guardian Herd series This novel follows the overwhelmed pegasus colt, Star, and his newly created herd, River Herd The book is possibly even better than its predecessor, and I would recommend it to readers from 9 to 15, or anyone else who is intrigued by the thought of a story that breaks stereotypes in a powerful way As with the first book in this series, I loved this book

    20. Delta says:
      I thought the premise of the story would be a fun read It definitely feels like middle grade writing style, but has some very graphic depictions of cruelty that I m not sure is appropriate for some children While I didn t read the first in the series, I can tell that this one has expanded on the world and the characters quite a bit The only major downside for me is the cliffhanger ending Generally, you end on a cliffhanger that occurs just before any real action, not literally in the middle of t [...]

    21. Heather says:
      Star is now the leader of River Herd and has abandoned the territory of Sun Herd Star uses his powers to heal plague infested horses, but Mountain Herd refuses his help, instead hatching a plan to increase their herd through kidnapping young fillies and taking over the Sun Herd s lands Danger threatens all the herds when Nightwing the destroyer awakens to take over.

    22. Patricia Tilton says:
      Jennnifer Alvarez has written such a wonderful series for teens and adults, who like to venture into other worlds Stormbound is an epic tale about a young black pegasus foal named Star who receives his power on his first birthday Starfire s destiny is to become a healer and unify the warring herds,become a destroyer This is the second book in the sequel, and it is even better than the first A strong plot with tension, adventure and action I did not want to leave this world Thankfully the third n [...]

    23. Ellaira says:
      Rating 96% 4.8 stars Starfire intrigued me Stormbound met the expectations I had from the first book and went beyond.After the first book, I wasn t sure what to expect I was even a little hesitant because most series that start off with a really intense book usually can t keep the momentum going However,Stormbound fit nicely and logically into the series It was even enjoyable than the first to me, now that I m used to the world and characters review not completed

    24. Margie says:
      Book 2 of the series continues with Star involved in adventures and misadventures with his herd as they move to find safe territory, deal with a plague as well as fierce weather Star himself is having frightening dreams of a presence which turns out to be real than he wants to believe There is plenty of action to hold readers rapt attention and when finished, hungering for of this exciting series Great read for those in the upper elementary and middle school grades.

    25. Deborah Gebhardt says:
      I received the book for free through Giveaways This book is the 2nd in the series The 1st book describes the birth and first year of the pegasus, Star Presuming the 1st book gives the mythology of pegasi and why they fear a black foal As I haven t read the 1st book, I can t say, but I thoroughly enjoyed this book and now need to read the rest of the series and find out how Star daces his destiny.

    26. Chelsea says:
      I was hoping I would enjoy this one , but sadly I didn t.I wasn t engaged in the story at all It didn t hold my interest at all and I found myself skimming at places.The characters still feel rather bland and underdeveloped, and I need to connect to the characters to get immersed in a story.The ending is quite a cliffhanger, so I m hoping the next book can have a fair amount of action to make it interesting.

    27. Jennifer Disario says:
      I received this book for free from the first reads program in exchange for review I thought that this would be a great book to read with the kids but decided to read it myself first I always was hooked on unicorns, flying horses and all fantasy types so this fit right into my ideal for a perfect read to transport me to a different world I absolutely loved it and would enjoy visiting this book world often

    28. Shannon Farrell says:
      The writing is a bit better in this book, and the annoyances I had with the dialogue in the first book are gone now that the main characters are getting older Even though I m like warm on the series I m invested now so I ll probably go ahead and finish it Probably won t read these to my 6y o daughter, way too violent.

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